Why is Justin Beiber driving a Custom Car?

Justin Bieber, the global singing superstar, isn’t the name most of us would associate with custom cars, or even Batmobiles, but it turns out we were wrong. In Mid-December 2011 Biebs was stopped by the California Highway Patrol in Los Angeles for an illegal manoeuvre in his matt black customised Cadillac. The car has been nicknamed the Bieber Batmobile because it has been given a Batman custom refit.

Bieber is only 17-years-old and not even old enough to play poker, and the legal age of driving in California is 18, so the Biebs was either driving on a provisional licence while accompanied by an adult or using his Canadian licence. He was born and brought up in the Canadian province of Ontario where drivers can apply for a learner’s permit at the age of 16 and apply for a full licence a full year later. So, presumably, he was legal.

So, what sort of Batmobile was the pint-sized singer driving? The original Batmobile in the comics of the 1940s was an ordinary red convertible typical of the age. From the 1960s the Batmobile was a custom car, the show used a customised 1950s Lincolm Futura. This was a one-off, space-age looking car built in using a Lincoln Mark 2 chassis and 368 cubic inch Lincoln engine, but put together in Italy by Ghia. The car was modified by George Barris, who owned Barris Kustom Industries and styled himself as the King of Customizers.

Bieber’s car however is a high-performance luxury car known as the Cadillac (Bat-illac) CTS-V. It can do 0–60 in a mind-blowing 3.9 seconds, this is all packed around Magnetic Ride Control suspension and 6-piston front, 4-piston rear Brembo® brakes. Biebs’s car was seriously pimped by West Coast Customs owned by Ryan Friedlinghaus, who have outlets in Mexico, Germany, Dubai, Malaysia, Russia and Japan as well as Corona California. Biebs car has a ‘JB’ logo on the side panel and twin Batman symbols on the front and back.

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  1. Actually, the legal driving age in California is 16 says:

    You can take your test at 16 pass and get your license. Don’t know where you got 18 from.

  2. ?? says:

    justin bieber? really? unsubscribing lol

  3. Pavel says:

    **** you for making the main image look like a youtube video. I clicked at least 5 times on it wondering why the page is reloading and the video is not playing.

  4. THE aSTIG says:

    Sorry about that Pavel! Didn’t realize it would cause trouble or confusion. Your feedback won’t be taken lightly. I promise I won’t make it look like a Youtube video next time and make it clear that the video is below the text.