Hot Rod Jeep. Will it bring coolness to the Stainless Owner Jeep?

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Hot Rod Jeep JPMagazine Custom Pinoy Rides

Major car enthusiasts nowadays think that Owner Jeeps are so uncool. But if someone were to build one of these here in the Philippines, of course in the stainless Owner Jeep form, will it bring coolness to the Owner Jeep?

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8 Responses to Hot Rod Jeep. Will it bring coolness to the Stainless Owner Jeep?

  1. Some one should build one already

  2. Some one should build one already

  3. Lemor says:

    Nice form but with our road conditions everywhere in manila you’ll end up selling that masterpiece in no time

  4. Agent007 says:

    My dad is a master in doing this kind of jeep… He can build it more or less15 days if all the parts are available..
    If there’s anyone who wants to build he’s own Lowered Jeep like this… Kindly contact me @ 09155171601 or email me @

    By the way.. Dito po sa Gapan City Nueva Ecija maraming ganyang mga jeep…

  5. THE aSTIG says:

    Cool! Can you send us some photos bro?

  6. Agent007 says:

    OK bro.. i will ask my friends to take some pictures of their jeeps….most probably 3 jeeps.. But that was not my dad’s creation….it was built by my dad’s friend… and the other 1 is just been bought build already..

  7. 007 says:

    san na yung pics?

  8. yowseeh says:

    saan gawa ung hotrod jeep na to? pm me in facebook pls asp