Kevin Pamintuan’s Smashing Suzuki Celerio

Kevin Pamintuan Suzuki Celerio Custom Pinoy Rides

Sometimes, it’s the simplest DIY modifications that make a big difference. Take Kevin Pamintuan’s Suzuki Celerio for example. With a DIY spray-can mod to color-match the front grille into matte black, it now integrates well into the design of the front bumper in an Audi or Evo X-like kind of way.

Add some aftermarket wheels to match the car’s paint scheme and you have yourself a winner! But take note, this is only the beginning. Up next are smoked headlamps, more matte-black paint treatment on the lower portion of the rear bumper, and a lowered stance to match? Ah… Tuning cars is like Pringles – once you pop, you can’t stop!

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  1. chupapa says:

    whats so smashing about it ?