Which HID Kit is Right For You?


In the quest of customizing our rides, as well as getting better night driving visibility (and being noticed by onlookers), the most common aftermarket upgrade that auto enthusiasts do to their rides is replacing the Halogen Bulbs of the headlights for Xenon Bulbs, or to be more precise, High Intensity Discharge Lights (HID’s).

The term “Xenon Headlight” is actually is a misnomer. There are several types of HID lamps, and those without xenon follow this sequence when turned on: A sudden bright flash of light, followed by the lamp turning dim, then slowly becomes bright as it reaches its normal operating condition. The xenon gas is only used to speed up this process and provide instant light upon ignition of the lamp.

Upon purchasing HID’s, there are a multitude of Kelvin Temperatures to choose from, usually starting from 3000K, all the way up to 12000K or even higher. Be wary of this as it is a common misconception that the higher the Kelvin Temperature, the brighter the light. This is NOT TRUE.

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