The Triple Double: 3 Mazda 2’s from MazdaTech Philippines

Mazda 2 MazdaTech Philippines Custom Pinoy Rides

To be honest, the first time I saw a Mazda 2 in person here in the Philippines, I was a bit skeptical about the design. I first saw it from the rear, and it looked to me as if it were a tad too small for a hot hatch. Maybe it was the shape of the lights, as it reminded me of those alien drawings to me. But when I saw it from the front, I began to appreciate the entire looks of it from a holistic point of view. Now when I see one, maybe becuase with the smiley face design in front, I feel it’s smiling at me. So guess what… I smile back. LOL!

Now when the Ford Fiesta came out, I was half expecting a better looking car. I knew it was from the same platform, but I was thinking the Euro-inspired looks would trump the JDM-styling of the Mazda 2. But after a while, the Fiesta’s design, in stock form, started to look boring to me. Not so with the Mazda 2. Again, maybe it’s that smiley face, but it always looks like a happy car to me.

Then I saw the Mazdaspeed 2, I was like… Daaayyyymmmm! So I said to myself, if I were to have a Mazda 2, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, I declared that on a previous post which I called – “If I had a Mazda 2…” Since then I’ve been on the lookout for fantastic looking Mazda 2’s.

With that, I present to you this photo of 3 Mazda 2’s from MazdaTech Philippines. I call this photo “The Triple Double”. Hope you like it!

Since I shared with you my opinion on what I’d like a Mazda 2 to look like, how about you? Would you want a Mazda 2 as a sedan or hatchback? What mods would you want to do to yours?

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4 Responses to The Triple Double: 3 Mazda 2’s from MazdaTech Philippines

  1. kenkoyski says:

    you should have seen the 2’s at the last MTP car show! :)

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    at tiendesitas? wanted to go but was tied up :(

  3. kenkoyski says:

    you missed alot then… check out the pics at the MTP FB page. :)