Atoy Llave’s Daily Driver: R34 Nissan Skyline by Atoy Customs

Atoy Llave R34 Nissan Skyline Custom Pinoy Rides pic1

Ever wondered what your favorite car tuners drive on a day-to-day basis? People such as Atoy Llave of Atoy Customs? Then you should love this.

This magnificent R34 Nissan Skyline is Atoy Llave’s current daily driver. Customized from nose to tail, what more can be expected of a man like Atoy? Well, being the man behind Atoy Customs, arguably the best tuning shop in the country when it comes to pimping rides, this Skyline is still a work in progress! Soon, a new body kit is to be installed to make it look even more aggressive, angry, and manly.

Watch out for that in a future post. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!

Atoy Llave R34 Nissan Skyline Custom Pinoy Rides pic2

Plug: For Atoy Customs body kits for your Nissan Skyline, email or call/text Rob at 0922-8433275.

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11 Responses to Atoy Llave’s Daily Driver: R34 Nissan Skyline by Atoy Customs

  1. redmilitia says:

    isn’t this an ER34 and not a R34?

  2. Daniel says:

    Great. The ER34 is even cooler than the 2-door R34…

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  6. vensey says:

    bkit yellow ang mags??? just asking….

  7. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi vensey – Atoy’s cars go through a lot of iterations during their stay with him. Here’s what it looks like as of this writing, now with matte black wheels, a different bumper, and new livery and color scheme:

  8. Goku says:

    Oh my many noobs here. First both ER34 and BNR34 (which is the top GTR) are both called R34. And since when did a 4 door sedan skyline cooler than a 2 door sportscar which the GTR also belongs? :D see the are variations of Skylines and not all are GTRs. GTRs have wider body for huge wheels, 4wd, twin turbo, MFD on the interior etc. This sadly is a “poser” (sorry atoy), a wannabe GTR. xD

  9. Zee says:

    @ redmilitia, they are both called R34. But the complete car codes are different like ER34 for 4 door skyline, BNR34 for the top dog GT-R!

    @ Daniel, since when did 4 door cars became cooler than 2 doors? Sedans vs. coupes / sportscars?? :D Much worse example on a skyline, since their GT sportscar the GT-R only has 2 doors.

  10. Zee says:

    Oh shoot! It got those GT-R badges again! A wannabe again? FAIL!