Hard Parking Customized Nissan GT-R

Nissan R35 GT-R Skyline Club Philippines Custom Pinoy Rides

The Nissan GT-R is probably the fastest production sports car to ever be released from the land of the rising sun – Japan. With so many international awards and recognitions, it has become the dream car for many JDM fanatics and general car enthusiasts alike. And for those who are lucky enough to own one, well, I will join your ranks… Someday…

For now, here’s a handsome looking Nissan GT-R which joined one of our recent photoshoots. Not that it needs any further modifications, but of course, you know us Pinoys… We love to tune our cars…

Visible aftermarket mods on this one are staggered offset wheels, vented hood, and spoiler.

Photos taken during the Skyline Club Philippines Photoshoot with the Car Photography Club.

Let me ask you this, if you were one of those lucky enough to own a Nissan GT-R, would you modify it? How and what would you do with it?

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6 Responses to Hard Parking Customized Nissan GT-R

  1. Tim Viz via Facebook says:

    It’s a great car why change it?

  2. if i had a Nissan GT-R R35, i’d do modify it but until stage1 only (intake, headers, exhaust and peformance chip). add to that a cool set of rims, a very dark tint & a wonderful ICE upgrade (if appplicable)..;)

  3. ?? says:

    “hard parking”

  4. ??? says:

    2 of my friends actually did modify and I think I would do the same one is a SWITZER P800 GT-R and another is a fully customized GT-R (engine change dry, dry carbon hood & spoiler, tranny change, suspension change, seats change, turbo upgrades) …. = the engine can supposedly handle 1,500 hp but I think he tuned to somewhere in the 1,100 mark at the wheels.

  5. THE aSTIG says:

    Cool! That in the Philippines bro?