Ford Club Philippines Funrun Photoshoot with the Car Photography Club

Ford Club Philippines Everest Ranger Custom Pinoy Rides

Joined the Ford Club Philippines fun run (in the middle of a typhoon) to Clark a couple of days ago. Barely managed to take good photos due to the bad weather. Just check out the trees in the photo above. The wind was crazy, and the rain was just continuously pouring! But I still managed to snap a few. Here they are for your viewing pleasure…

Top photo shows some of the diesel big rigs of Ford Club Philippines. Two Ford Everests and a Ranger Wildtrack, all in various degrees of personalizations, DIY’s, and other modifications both outside, inside, and under the hood.

Ford Club Philippines Fiesta Custom Pinoy Rides
Black and chrome is the theme for this Ford Fiesta.

Ford Club Philippines Ranger Trekker Custom Pinoy Rides
This macho-looking Ford Ranger Trekker is rolling on none other than 18-inch Rota Wheels! The light bar up front gives it a more purposeful look too.

Ford Club Philippines Everest Custom Pinoy Rides
Autobots have blue eyes, and Decepticons have red eyes right? This Ford Everest must be an Autobot in disguise…

Ford Club Philippines Fiesta Rolling Shot Custom Pinoy Rides
Pretty hard to pull off rolling shots in the pouring rain while going 140kph…

Ford Club Philippines Group Shot Custom Pinoy Rides
Thanks to Ford Club Philippines for the ride, and for the sumptuous steak lunch (more of brunch LOL!) at Rumpa Restaurant, Angeles, Pampanga. I actually have a few more photos but I can’t release them yet until the article comes out of our local you know what automotive car magazine. Anyways, we’ll gather up the photos for the 2012 Calendar together with my photographer friends who went with us. Thanks! And watch out for it!

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5 Responses to Ford Club Philippines Funrun Photoshoot with the Car Photography Club

  1. Sean says:

    Sir, hope you could also share some pics of the White Fiesta Sedan with black side stripes. Thanks!

  2. Solomon Suyo via Facebook says:

    kainggit hehe

  3. izz says: from my country dont have accessories for ford everest..can u suggest me what is the best website for ordering the best and cool accesories like projector headlight and so on..u can email me at