The Soul Remix: Kia Soul Body Kit by Atoy Customs

Atoy Customs Kia Soul Body Kit Custom Pinoy Rides quarter

The Kia Soul is a multi-awarded compact car that has received much praise from Automotive Media worldwide, espeically after coming up with various concepts and iterations to make it even cooler. But despite the international accolades, it seems to be lacking presence in our local custom car scene. Something seems to be missing…

Enter Atoy Customs – arguably the country’s best when it comes to making cars look cooler than ever. And here, they have taken the Kia Soul to a whole new level! I call this… “The Soul Remix”.

Check out the rest of the photos as well as a comparison with a stock Kia Soul…

Atoy Customs Kia Soul Body Kit Front View Custom Pinoy Rides
Featuring a redesigned front end by replacing the entire front bumper, the stock Soul’s “Tiger Nose” has been facelifted, now with dual grilles to give it a more agressive look. The stock hood (full fiberglass hood option available), which used to terminate at the bottom line of the headlights, has been shaved to allow for the new custom bumper; while the lower part of the bumper was inspired by the Scion xB. Some people can also be fooled to think that that’s an intercooler behind the gille. It’s not. It’s actually the aircon condenser.

Atoy Customs Kia Soul Body Kit Rear Quarter Custom Pinoy Rides
The stance also looks a lot better due to the addition of side skirts. This gives the soul a dropped/lowered look, when in fact, this car is sitting at stock ride height, on stock springs!

Atoy Customs Kia Soul Body Kit Rear View Custom Pinoy Rides
I’ve always found the rear of the Soul to look as if there’s something missing. Well, Atoy Customs has adressed that with the addition of a rear skirt, which attaches below the stock rear bumper, and by adding a ducktail spoiler to complete the package, giving it a more sporty, meaningful look.

The total package gives the Kia Soul the best remix to turn it into an all-time great.

Stock Kia Soul:

Atoy Customs Kia Soul Body Kit:

Atoy Customs Kia Soul Body Kit Custom Pinoy Rides quarterAtoy Customs Kia Soul Body Kit Rear Quarter Custom Pinoy Rides

So what do you think? Doesn’t this make the Kia Soul cooler or what? Share your thoughts! And if you have any questions or clarifications even on pricing and availability, , feel free to ask away on the comments below.

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8 Responses to The Soul Remix: Kia Soul Body Kit by Atoy Customs

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  2. hi Souly Hamsters! saw your forum and some of your members have been talking about this and saw that you have questions about pricing and availability? feel free to email for your questions. thanks!

  3. yea, I posted this over there. Sign up to the website we’d love to hear what you have to offer!

  4. Big Nas says:

    hi, I want to know how much will cost this kit for KIA SOUL ??

  5. zach says:

    i really wish there was a rally body kit for this car. i love my Kia SOUL but haven’t found a body kit that screams rally, this is a very nice look though.

  6. Aaron Kirk says:

    I live in Arizona, Do you have a price on the complete body kit for the 2012 KIA Soul? It realy looks good!

  7. J.Swarz says:

    I live in China and I want that kit in color white.
    How much?
    Can you send it over?
    Please reply me ASAP.


  8. Cameron dugas says:

    How much does this kit cost in American dollars and can it be in alien green?