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The spirit of Custom Pinoy Rides isn’t just about the cars, but also about the owners behind the cars. As these cars would not be the spectacularly modified cars they are to day if not for the people who actually own and drive them. And when owners of particular vehicles come together to form a community of enthusiasts, that’s when things get real interesting.

Such is the case with the LanEvo Club. We all know that Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions are high-performance sports sedans born and bred to go fast. With members always active and on the move, actually driving their cars in different types of motorsports competitions in the Philippines, you could imagine how epic it would be like to gather them all under one roof and capture the moment on camera.

Well, thanks to the Car Photography Club, these photos came to life. So you can expect features of some of the cars from the LanEvo Club in the coming days. But for now, let us introduce you to the LanEvo Club. And for that, we asked them to give us a background of how the club came to be, and what it is all about. Check it out!

LanEVO Club Philippines Car Photography Club Custom Pinoy Rides group pic
“LanEvo Club Philippines started in November of 2009. What started with 5 friends getting to together with our Evo’s, we decided to turn it into a club! True enough, our goals of uniting Evo owners came true. From 5 members, the team is now composed of about 200-plus members strong! We have owners who own Evo 1’s to 10’s, so yes we have all generations of the Lancer Evolution.

We are mainly a driving club, meaning we drive a lot and compete in local events, track days, and fun runs. We also compete in drag racing, time attack, and even in car shows. But mainly, we are just a car enthusiast community who appreciates all different brands and make of cars.

To be a member of the club there is only one requirement: You have to own a LEGIT or Original Evo. Right hand drive converted to left hand drive is alright, but Lancer EX conerting it to a Evo, or any other Lancers converted into Evos is big no no! We don’t allow such conversions to be entered into our club.”

Check back with us soon to see more upcoming features of cars from the LanEvo Club. Cheers, and more hp!

Photos from Car Photography Club member Phil Aragones of Precision Artistics.

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