Circuit Showdown 2011 Round 4 – BRC Long Track – June 4, 2011

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If you were racing with a Corolla and had two Subarus hounding you from behind, what would you do? Would you let them pass, or would you gunnnnit!?

In Round 4 of Circuit Showdown 2011, the racers once again set foot on Batangas Racing Circuit, where Round 1 of the series was held. With the participants racing the long track, they were in for tons of high-speed action.

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Though the Evo has gone through a lot of evolutions in itself to get to what it is today, who wouldn’t love the look of the Evo that started it all? Especially here, where it is doing what it was built to do – race.

Like a pack of wolves, these Subarus prowl the track hunting for prey.

A pack of Hondas let loose on the tarmac.

Party like a Rockstar!

The safety car.

Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin what?

I’d love to see some footage from that Go Pro.

Toyota Celica looks like an angel racing through the coulds. By the way, did you know that the word “Celica” was derived from the Latin word coelica meaning “heavenly” or “celestial”?

I always wondered how a Honda Jazz/Fit would do in an endurance race. Light weight and economical fuel consumption means less tire wear and minimal fuel stops. Do you guys know of any Honda Jazz that won in an endurance race?

When Porsches are let loose with skilled and daring drivers behin the wheel, you’re sure to capture some intense action.

Oh yeah…

Why supercharge a white Toyota Yaris and have it sit on takata green Rotas? BECAUSE RACE CAR.

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4 Responses to Circuit Showdown 2011 Round 4 – BRC Long Track – June 4, 2011

  1. gunnnnit! no guts no glory! hehehe

  2. Jc Antonio via Facebook says:

    “You shall not pass!”