Jeff Roxas-Chua’s EthanWorx/The Lounge Honda S2000

honda s2000 custom pinoy rides ethanworx pic1

The multi award-winning Honda S2000 is a car that has the proper ingredients of a sports roadster. Retractable top, two seats, front/mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, and spectacular handling due to a 50-50 weight distribution. All that, with the added benefit of the fun-factor a lot of people get from Honda engineering – freakishly high-revving engines with gobs of horsepower in a compact package. That, and the spine-tingling effect it has whenever you step on that pedal that makes all the loud noises.

So to have a car like that as the base platform for customizing your ideal track car is downright the best thing to do. And that’s what Jeff Roxas-Chua did to his Honda S2000. By adding power-adders under the hood, replacing some sheetmetal with lightweight carbon-fiber units, usng a potent wheel and tire combo, and adding some appendages to allow more downforce, Jeff’s S2000 is now a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s a shot showcasing the carbon fiber bits and pieces you’ll find up front…

honda s2000 custom pinoy rides ethanworx pic2

Photos shot during the 2011 Bumper2Bumper Metro Rides 3 Car Show.

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