How To: Building a Trailer and Towing your Race/Drift Car

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This article is basically for you to find out how to to not experience what you’re about to see on the next video. This is some scary $#!+…

Trailer wobble goes out of control and leads to disaster.

How many of you have had the dilemma of doing so many modifications to our favorite track machine until it reaches a point that you can’t drive it on the street anymore and would end up having to tow it? Well if you’re on that path to building your first “pure track car and trailer queen”, please remember that building a trailer, loading it up, and towing it is no simple task that you should take for granted. Otherwise, you might be risking your own life, and the life of your precious track car.

I hope that the articles below will shed some light on this matter and will give you a lot of glorious days on the track, and worry-free drives getting to and from it.
Building Your Own Race Car Trailer Part 1
Building Your Own Race Car Trailer Part 2
How To Load and Tow a Trailer (Techniques on Loading, Driving, Handling Trailer Sway, etc.)

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