Beetle Camber Bug

volkswagen beetle camber custom pinoy rides pic1

A lot of people like to personalize the classic Volkswagen Beetle‘s iconic looks to make it even more appealing that it was when it was first released from the factory. And by dropping the suspension to bring the car low to the ground, it tends to create an extreme camber that, frankly, looks quite good! So why bother to correct it? Just tuck the wheels in the fenders and you’ve got yourself an awesome Beetle.

Here’s another view of this sweet yellow Bug from the front quarter…

volkswagen beetle camber custom pinoy rides pic2

Photos shot during the 2011 Bumper2Bumper Metro Rides 3 Car Show.

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  1. John Erickson Balagot says:

    hi.. just wanna ask the name of the shop that restore your beetle? i also have a volkswagen beetle na gusto ko pagandahin but im having difficulty finding the right shop.. and also how much is the estimated cost for the restoration? hope that you could help me. thank you and god bless!