A Boxtype Lancer with Flare

Mitsubishi Lancer Boxtype Flared Fenders Trans Sport Show Philippines Custom Pinoy Rides

I think I’ve got white car fever and I’m currently on fire, with this being the third white car in a row that I’m featuring. But who cares, when these white cars are just plain gorgeous!

Such is the case for this pristine Lancer Boxtype. It definitely flaunts itself with flair… er… flare… figuratively and literally, with the flared fenders giving it a more muscular look and space to put wider and grippier tires.

Pity I wasnt able to see what’s lurking under the hood. But I secretly wish it’s a monster 4G63T!

Photo shot during the 2011 Trans Sport Show.

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9 Responses to A Boxtype Lancer with Flare

  1. Speedmaster says:

    It’s an original A175 Lancer EX 2000. Powered by a 4G62B Turbo. An Ex-Rally Car from the old Mabuhay Rally back in the 80’s. The flaring is an original Ralliart, a lot rare than the rounded flares from earlier Ralliart models.

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Wow nice! Thanks for the specs man! Your ride? Nice ride!

  3. JC LOPEZ (o.o") says:

    Is it for sale? how much? if not how much are the whole modifications. thanks

  4. THE aSTIG says:

    Not sure if it was for sale bro. Took this photo during a car show.

  5. oldskull_rocks says:

    damn that old skul lancer box type really rocks

  6. Dennis says:

    For all who love this old school lancer, were here to help you with the oem parts to restore it into the original looks. contact us at ceejay_adarlo@yahoo.com whatsapp num +85251608281…

  7. Hylon says:

    Hey I just want to know if you ship the oem parts that you have and what parts are available for the a175 turbo

  8. hanika says:

    hi ..i need help as to where i should bring my boxtype for restortion. thanks.

  9. hanika says:

    hi ..i need help as to where i should bring my boxtype for restoration. thanks.