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Tufoil Philippines Engine Oil Treatment Product Review Custom Pinoy Rides

Tufoil Philippines recently sent over a bottle of Tufoil, so we can put it to the test. And since this is supposed to be a “test”, well then why not test it in the harshest environment you can find? Now rather than testing it on the track where you’re pedal to the metal and pushing to the limit, I figured there would be no way you can test fuel economy as one of the claimed advantages of this engine oil additive. So probably the best way to review it is through a long drive, and using an old engine. With Tufoil being awarded the world record for the “Most Efficient Lubricant” in 1996 by the Guinness Book of World Records, and still holds the title to date, this type of test should be no tall order.

Hence, our test vehicle is a 1993 1.6L Daihatsu Feroza 4×4. The only modifications done to it are a Simota Air Filter, some engine waterproofing to make it more capable for flood and river crossings, larger 237/75R15 All-Terrain tires, removed the anti-sway bar for better suspension articulation when offroading, HID Headlights, and 8 ounces of Tufoil engine oil additive mixed with Castrol GTX 20W-50 motor oil.

We take this Mini SUV on a long drive from Manila to Quezon Province going the long route via Laguna, through various churches along the way, since the trip doubled as a Holy Week Visita Iglesia and Outing. The trip had been made after consuming 1 full tank of gas since the oil change was done, to make sure the Tufoil had already settled in with the engine oil.

Our first stop over.

The next church on our route, Liceo de Pila in Pila, Laguna.

Snapped this at the back of the church in Pila.

Church of Santa Cruz.

The last church we visited, the Church of Lilio.

Our next stop was LeahChar Resort and Liesure Park in Brgy. Sampaguita, San Antonio, Quezon, for some rest, relaxation, and swimming.

The Hulk on the lookout for evil doers while you do your night swimming thing.

Iron Man was out in the middle of the night to fight crime.

The cottages.

Waking up to a scene like this in the morning isn’t bad at all!

As far as I know, that’s supposed to be a herbivore. Why does it look as if it’s about to attack a cow?


For some reason, this reminds me of Aquatico…

The whale’s mouth doubles as a shower head.

Preparing to go home.

All in all, the trip distance was 285km. I hope you liked viewing the photos, as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Now since this is a product review, back to the matter then…

Tufoil claims that by using their Engine Oil Treatment, you will reap the following benefits:

– Better Gas Mileage – After the trip, I continued using the Feroza on my daily 70km drive to and from work. Prior to using Tufoil, I was averaging 7.70km/L fuel consumption. With Tufoil, it has improved to a mere 7.98km/L. It might not be much, if you look at the numbers, but that’s about 3.51% improvement. Tufoil claims “up to 5%”.
– Increase Horsepower – I have not put the vehicle on a dyno before and after using Tufoil, but judging on “feel”, prior to using Tufoil I had to downshift to 3rd gear going up the Ortigas Flyover from C5 to Libis, following the normal after lunch traffic flow. With Tufoil, I can take it all the way to the top on 4th gear. There’s also less hesitation in acceleration now. Prior to using Tufoil, I had to step on the gas pedal well in advance when I want to overtake, much like driving a van. Now, it feels much like a car. Actually, if it’s center of gravity wasn’t so high, I’m inclined to try to drift it at FTI! LOL!
– Cut Friction and Wear – Well, the engine now revs happily all the way to the redline, as compared to before. Maybe that’s why my fuel efficiency improved only by 3.51%? Perhaps if I go easy on the gas pedal, I’ll get even more.
– Get easier cold starts from gas and diesel engines – Now that it’s the rainy season, I can clearly remember that last year, cold starting had been an issue. But with Tufoil, it has always been a one-click wonder everytime I start the engine up, regardless of the temperature. A friend of mine bought a different brand oil additive at Concorde which claimed to solve cold starting problems. It worked, but only for a few weeks. With Tufoil, it still feels as if I just changed my oil yesterday!

So was I impressed? Yes I was. Will I use it again on my next oil change? I would love to. Will I recommend it to my friends and family? I already have. Should you use it? Why not!?

I know you may have a lot of other questions about Tufoil and how it works. So here’s the link to the Tufoil FAQ page. Check out the rest of the site on that link as well to learn more about it.

There’s also a local site owned by our local distributor – Tufoil Philippines. For orders, call or text Gie Aparicio at 09178132428.

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  1. dennisdko says:

    thanks for sharing nice scenic view of laguna and quezon, wish the feroza club is there with you on your road trip.
    thanks for sharing a good review of tufoil

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Yeah bro the more the merrier! Thanks man! It was my pleasure.