Truck Drifting 101 by Tuason Racing (Video)

Video directed by Ardie Lopez

TRS Mazda BT-50 CustomPinoyRides

If you’re a die-hard Pinoy car enthusiast, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Tuason Racing School Mazda BT-50 drift truck. You’ve probably seen it in action, swinging the long truck body side to side, drifting across a track you thought only cars would fit in. And if you think their yellow-black-white-blue color scheme was attractive, wait till you see it this year… in red, green, and chrome…. reminiscent of the Vodaphone sponsored race cars. Talk about flashy!

Now take that spectacular BT-50, put Mike Tuason behind the wheel, and you know you’re about to see some magic happen. Throw in the Tuason Racing Mazda RX-7 into the mix, with JP Tuason behind the wheel, and capture it on a video directed by none other than Ardie Lopez, what else can I say? If you don’t watch this, you’re missing half of your life!

So sit back, relax, and watch the video now…

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