1.6L Mazda 3 Turbocharged by Speedlab

Photos from Speedlab

So, you’ve got yourself a Mazda 3. And you’re looking for more power eh? Well, your search ends here. I am proud to present to you – instant gratification – a Turbo kit, only from Speedlab.

A stock 1.6L Mazda 3 makes 75-78 horsepower to the wheels. Perfect for efficient daily commutes, but lacking “balls” if you’re looking for real power. But with the Speedlab turbo kit, you get 130 wheel horsepower – a whopping 75% increase! Note that the car still has the stock exhaust piping. So there’s potential for more!

Be prepared to spend about Php 200k for the mods, but hell, this is going to be well worth it.

Check out the rest of the gallery showcasing the install here…

Defi Racer Boost Gauge

See the aftermarket OMP Strut Bar

HKS Black Edition Super SQV 3

GT25 Turbocharger

Performance Tuned by Speedlab

The front mount intercooler tucked away nicely behind the stock front bumper

Don’t ever underestimate a Mazda 3 if you see something like this peeking from the bumper grilles

Of course, the best way to tune it is through the Dyno

The finished product. Oh yes, it’s a sleeper.

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