Sport Bikes Can Also Look Good Standing Still!!!

Photo by Arvin Lim of Arvin Lim Photography

The CPR Car Photography Club has surely taken-off since it was launched in the beginning of 2011. Totally awesome to find a lot of Pinoys who are into motorsports photography not just in the Philippines, but abroad as well! Just shows you how talented Pinoys.

Here’s a photo taken at Mt. Fabre, Singapore by CPR Car Photography Club member Arvin Lim of Arvin Lim Photography. When I first saw this shot, I was speechless.

Yamaha sport bikes surely are pocket rockets, and look good when you see someone riding it, taking it through its paces. But here, it looks just as good standing still, while everything else goes by. Very ironic. Can’t believe that a sport bike could look so serene, yet deep inside, you truly know what it’s capable of doing – blasting down the road, making the world go by in a blur.

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