Daredevil Car Photography

Photo by Andrew Rodriguez of A. Rodriguez Fotografia

Click and then Kapow - A. Rodriguez Fotografia - CustomPinoyRides

We usually feature cars at CustomPinoyRides. But now that its 2011, and we’ve launched the CPR Car Photography Club, which we believe is the first of its kind in the world, this time, we’re featuring an awesome photo captured by a car photographer.

Why awesome? Because there’s a story behind it. And we’ve called it “Daredevil Car Photography” because of that. The “Daredevil” in question is Andrew Rodriguez. And here’s his story:

THE MOST memorable shot in my entire photography life…

Taken during the 2009 Driftwave Series… Round 2 if i’m not mistaken. It was during practice session. The S13 went wide on the 1st turn, I was on the perimeter barriers behind the tire wall. I knew the car was gonna hit the tires but I decided to stay on a few seconds longer to get the shot I wanted. CLICK! JUMP! No dice… The car touched several feet of tire wall which in turn moved the perimeter barriers back a few feet which, in turn, hit me as I jumped off. Landed on my knees and one hand (errr… I had to make sure my camera was safe in mid-air). Got up, checked the last frames I shot, limped to another spot with a torn pant leg and scratched up knee but I had a grin on my face so wide people thought I was nuts after seeing what happened.

Yes… the things Photographers do to get the perfect shots. As the saying goes: “Walk three steps forward, shoot four times as much.” But in this case: “Walk, run, jump, click click click click click, kapow!”

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