Sunny Blue Turbo – Nissan Sentra Series 2… with Turbo Power!!!

You heard that right! Turbo Power!

Read on to see the rest of the photos…

See the massive intercooler behind the bumper? Nice! I also like the Nissan Tsuru headlights!!

Speaking of Tsuru, it sports the Tsuru badge right there in the trunk.

Nice don’t you think?

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6 Responses to Sunny Blue Turbo – Nissan Sentra Series 2… with Turbo Power!!!

  1. Chelsea says:

    Yep. Actually these set ups are not uncommon nowadays because jdm Sunny, Pulsar, Bluebird SR20 engines are bolt on our local B13 and B14. :) By the way have you seen a civic w/ an SR20 engine? Dumadami na din sila. Ala nga lang here sa Pinas. :) There was a guy from Germany who has two 10sec. ek civics, one SR20 rwd from Silvia and the other SR20 fwd from Pulsar GTiR. Di na siya civic type R, civic se-R na or GtiR. ;)

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Hmm you’re right haven’t seen a Civic with an SR20 here yet. I’ve seen one with an S2000 engine in it though, and converted to RWD hehehe.

    LOL! Civic se-R, GtiR! ROFL!

  3. Custom Lover says:

    Its definitely fast because of the engine, but looks more like a sleeper not a hot ride… really looks stock even if the headlights are tsuru… It doesnt look custom and wont stand out from the crowd. BTW are the Volk wheels authentic or Rota w/ “stickers”?

  4. THE aSTIG says:

    looks real to me :)

  5. angelo alvarado says:

    looks cool, and i think the rims are authentic

  6. Mark Sarmiento says:

    This was Dida’s car… unfortunately this turbo build is gone.. this car now rocks 20ve motor.. haven’t have any updates about this ride since then…