“Rota” and “Illest” Don’t Match No More…

“Rota” and “Illest” Don’t Match No More…

Read on to find out why…

If you check out JDM Ego, one of Fatlace’s channels, they are really into the “I Hate Your Fake Wheels” thing. And they say it goes out to all those who are rolling on Rotas.

They also have a saying that goes “Friends Don’t Let Friends Roll On Rotas”.

No pun intended to the owner and driver of this sweet Nissan S15 drift car, as those stickers may have been there for quite some time already, before this issue happened. Anyways, before, you’re cool if you have an “Illest” sticker, and you roll on Rotas.

Mark Arcenal, founder of Fatlace and Hellaflush, happens to be Pinoy. A lot of us in the Philippines have been fans of Hellaflush, and a lot witnessed how Hellaflush went mainstream because of posts showcasing Rota wheels.

But now, they have this huge dislike about Rotas, and seem to have removed all traces of posts showcasing these wheels on Hellaflush.

Well, whatever. Rotas are Rotas. If you can’t get past that, and can’t look back at where you came from, then that’s not our problem. Each to their own.

As for us, well, WE REP ROTAS HERE AT CUSTOMPINOYRIDES! <-- You can click on the link to see what our AUTO GUROs have on their rides. +++++ Edit: Looks like I’ve been heard by the Fatlace crew, as they responded to this post on their blog. Don’t worry guys, we’re happy with the compromise. Thanks for hearing us out. Check out what they had to say… –> http://fatlace.com/slammedsociety/reps-or-real/

And I quote:

After much debate, we’ve come up with a solution where we hope everyone will be happy with. Featured Cars (these are the cars we contact to do a particular photoshoot) – Must be rocking the real deal while with Readers rides, Reps (meaning replica wheels – THE aSTIG) will be ok as long as cars fit the mold.

Want to MODIFY your RIDE? CONTACT US and Tell Us What You Need!

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6 Responses to “Rota” and “Illest” Don’t Match No More…

  1. Daynger says:

    for me, i truly understand the reason behind their decision about not reppin or supporting Rotas anymore at fatlace/hellaflush/illest…first of all lets think about Work, Volk Rays, Nismo, Spoon etc……if given a chance or just being ask…ed who/what would legit personalities/communities specially in the car industry will support?..we never know maybe it aint really Mark’s and the rest of Fatlace’s decision but also or either such legit companies like Work&VolkRays who might have contracted them or something….behind that statement what i’m really pointing out is the lack of state of originality/legitimacy of Rota..lets admit it..seriously honestly…we all know how much some of us wanna rock Rota’s P45s, Torques, Grids etc …why is that? -because we also know whats the original, true, legit,gwapo value of those design…now if we rock them who’s actually being kinda disrespected?cheated?brought down? isnt it the true Designers?Artists?Makers of those wheels?those designers….

    havent we even made a thought about why we actually rock Rota’s p45, Grid, Torque, SVN, D2, flashback, trackR,IKR, IKF and for the Honda Boys.. the Slipstream?..ask yourselves ..you know why right?what are we actually trying to portray? copy? ..

    i’m no hater of Rotas though.. damn i even wanna own some specially seeing in person their P45R3s! and other 10,11,12 JJ wheels that are only sold in uk.. i was just at awe starin and hoping and wanting to just take home 1 piece and make it my center glass table base! lol ..=O….

    but me knowing also that Mark Arcenal actually works in NIKE i understand more about it already… its also no different from copying their shoes’ design and obviously naming it differently…

    same with stickers about how we/they feel when their stickers are replicated and rock’d/sold easily..cheaply…

    i know how much easy we can get and use Rota in the track, for drifting, or simply just for being pogi with a few bucks….. and damn im also impressed about how much Rota can handle such extreme spins and stress…but we should also understand why it isnt really something that we could be proud of ..design/artistry/creativity/originality/authenticity wise ..

    Rotas are good, and i believe also they’re strong and have good quality… lets just hope for an original design…. a design that we would honestly like not just because we saw how it looks like on others car with original one in the internet….

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    It’s all about supporting those who support you. Their decision is based on the fact that they’ve made friends with some of the wheel manufacturers, one of which is their sponsor.

    CustomPinoyRides, on the other hand, is also sponsored by Rota. So we support them.

    This post was just an answer to all the “Hate” stuff they’ve been making about Rotas. If they don’t like Rotas, then leave ’em alone! Why go all the way hatin’ even designing shirts and creating quotes and stuff…

    Like I said, each to their own. Right?

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  4. keepin it real says:

    “Well, whatever. Rotas are Rotas. If you can’t get past that, and can’t look back at where you came from, then that’s not our problem.”

    i dont think its a matter of what country you are from or what nationality your parents are (that honestly is the dumbest shit, i cant believe that you guys even brought that up). I am obviously filipino (im pretty sure youll look up my ip address), but that doesnt mean that just because rota is from the philippines, id have to support them. please get off your colonial mentality tip…..

  5. keepin it real says:

    btw, even autoplus folks dislike rota and everyone in the philippines knows autoplus is the biggest aftermarket shop in the philippines.

  6. THE aSTIG says:

    Guys, we’re not trying to pick a fight or anything. Just stating some facts. It’s all business guys. We’re sponsored by Rota, Fatlace is sponsored by another wheel manufacturer. As for Autoplus, it’s not that they don’t like Rotas, it’s just that they have ties with another local wheel manufacturer. Oh wait a minute, don’t they manufacture replica wheels too? LOL! Go figure. Again, it’s all about business. Like I said on the last edit, we’re already happy about the verdict from Fatlace. We very much agree that this debate is a double-edged sword. So as with Fatlace, we’re closing off the comments on this post from this point.

    Please check out the latest posts at CustomPinoyRides.com. Thanks!