Circuit Showdown 8th Leg at Batangas Racing Circuit – September 4, 2010 (Action Shots)

Photos by Lester Shih

While Circuit Showdown round 9 is ongoing as I write this today, here are some action shots from round 8.

Watch as the drivers take their cars to the edge of adhesion, with lots of awesome 3-wheel shots.

Read on the see all the action-packed shots…

Batangas Racing Circuit – on a cool quiet morning.

That is, until the cars start tearing up the track!

The action is real here! With the drivers taking their cars to the limits of whatever friction adhesion the tires can handle, you start to see three-wheel action!

The all-in-one ride – the Subaru Forester. From grocery-getter to daily driver to family car to dirt warrior to track machine! It can do just about anything!

Me likey this Subie!

Sir, would you like me to diffuse that for you? This Civic takes advantage of aerodynamics from all angles.

That is one sweet MR2!

Contratulatory shots by Lester!

If you missed all the action from the first four legs, you can view it right here at
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Stay tuned for our next feature, as we show you the action from Circuit Showdown Leg 8 happening later today at Batangas Racing Circuit

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