Awesome in White! Honda Civic FD FTW!!!

Honda Civic FD’s are cool by all means. And the level of coolness can increase in direct proportion to the modifications you do, that is, if executed properly.

Well, here’s an great example of one that was done correctly. Looking magnificent in white, plus with mods that totally blend with the ride, this car’s coolness turned into sheer awesomeness! A total headturner.

Read on to see the rest of the photos of this FD, inside and out, plus some shots of it chillin’ around side by side with its twin brother…

Lookin’ good with the Carbon Fiber hood, with matching grille and chin. The JDM plate with Mugen holder completes the look.

Both form and function were not spared even in the lighting department.

The wheels look perfect too! And since the trunk is open, let’s see what’s hidden underneath.

A plethora of car audio gear by Firland Audio and Rockford Fosgate, neatly installed as if it were right there from the factory.

So what if there’s heavy traffic in Manila! With automatic transmission, an audio-video entertainment system, and a head-turning ride, what more can you ask for?

And this ride just so happened to have been chillin’ around with its twin brother, whose more subtle mods give it a more “pure” look, but is awesome nonetheless.

Posing with more awesome rides!

Aren’t these rides just totally awesome? What do you think?

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