Michael Lim’s Classic Volkswagen Beetle by Hotwheels

When was the last time you saw a classic Volkswagen beetle where you had to double back and actually approach it to see it up close and personal? Well, this is one example that will surely make you do just that.

Fully customized inside and out, with features that push the limits of classic show car innovation, this is something that you won’t regret checking out.

Read on as we show you the ins and outs of this awesome ride…

Up front, the hood… errr… trunk… has had its sheetmetal cut out and replaced with transparent fiberglass to showcase what it’s got underneath – Audiobahn amplifiers, speakers, and other hardware, giving you a hint of what else this ride’s got under its sleeves. The headlights have also been updated with modern units.

The stock bumpers have also been removed for a sleeker look. The engine bay is neat and clean, with an aftermarket air filter shown here. Insulation has been installed in the firewall to ensure the engine heat does not emanate into the interior. The exhaust pipes have also been upgraded with larger diameter units giving it a muscular look.

Speaking of the interior, lets open the doors and check out what’s inside. This sneak peak already gives you a hint of the showcase to be seen inside. But before that, notice the awesome large diameter wheels with chrome lip and low-profile tires sitting flush with the fenders.

Inside, it’s out of this world! You know those days when we were young and we used to imagine owning some super-cool ride? Well, this is what it would look like from the inside. Transparent steering wheel, white and yellow interior, a plethora of gadgets, TV screens, several speakers, and all highlighted in pink lighting!

So what do you think? Isn’t this awesome or what? I think it’s totally cool!

Photos taken during the 2009 Manila Auto Salon and 2009 Bumper2Bumper car shows.

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