We Rep ROTAs at CustomPinoyRides!

We, at CustomPinoyRides.com, are proud to represent world-renown Pinoy wheel manufacturer ROTA Wheels. And we rep them not just on the site, but on our very own rides as well.

Read on to see what ROTAs we CustomPinoyRides.com AUTO GUROs rep in our rides…

The picture above shows AUTO GURO Ian King’s glorious BMW M5 which now sports 18-inch Rota IK-R’s. We’ve featured his M5 a number of times before (The Most Exciting Way To Drive A BMW M5 and Captured on Video: Pinoy Drift King Ian King drifts a BMW M5 through the Caliraya Mountain Pass). But that was before he installed these IK-R’s. Now, it looks even sportier than before! Awesome!

AUTO GURO Kevin Carlos has his Nissan S14 Silvia sitting ultra-low on flush-mounted 18-inch Rota SVN’s. The ziptie-stitched front chin is a battlescar from the Pinoy urban jungle. You ain’t hardcore if you ain’t got battlescars.

AUTO GURO Jordan Reyes reps 17-inch cosmic blue Rota IK-R’s on his Toyota Hilux… errr… Lowlux. Freshly lowered, it’s finally sitting flush on his self-rolled fenders… Rolled by them wheels.

Last but not least…

Some say that his racing suit is so special that it makes him impervious even to the NDM-1 SuperBug. And that when he was called retarded for dishing out the Nissan GT-R’s 20-inch wheels in place of 18-inch Rota Grids, he smoked all naysayers by shaving 2 seconds off of his lap time because of the lighter wheel and tire combo. All we know is, he’s called THE aSTIG.

HardCore Custom Pinoy Rides rep ROTAs!

Any questions for the CustomPinoyRides.com AUTO GUROs, feel free to ask now!

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3 Responses to We Rep ROTAs at CustomPinoyRides!

  1. The Jordan says:

    I see you liked how i zipstitched Kevin’s bumper. The hard part was reaching in from the inside while the bumper is mounted.


  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Haha yeah I could imagine!

  3. dopegarage says:

    it’s good to know a lot of pinoy cars rep Rotas (especially that GTR right there!) I hear a lot of people overseas talking smack about it saying they’re knockoffs. beats the hell out of me..