Take 2: A GE That’s Fit for a King – Carlo Lee (a.k.a. GE King)’s Honda GE FIT-01

Take 2? Yes, that’s right. Take 2 because this is the second time we’re posting up a GE Honda Fit/Jazz owned by Carlo Lee a.k.a. GE King of GEgarage.ph. No wonder he’s called the GE King!

Read on to see more pictures of this gorgeous Noblesse-kitted Fit. Check it out!

The first Honda FIT owned by Carlo that we’ve feature here also features a custom plate – FIT 06. <--Click the link to see more about this J's Racing-equipped ride. FIT 01, on the other hand, is dressed-up from head to tail with Noblesse attire.
On this view, it’s easy to see that this ain’t no ordinary Honda Fit. It now sports Noblesse dual exhausts visible under the Noblesse rear bumper and diffuser. Also seen here are 17-inch Noblesse wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza rubber. The awesome stance is courtesy of Tein Super Compact Coil-overs, along with other goodies that would make this car not just good to look at, but also fun to drive on the track!

And to help manage the handling on the track, a J’s Racing Wing Spoiler has also been installed.

Check out that cool intake pipe, red to match the rest of the car. Nice!

The Noblesse front bumper also features Noblesse LED Fog Lights, which not just improves night driving visibility, but also adds to the head-turning effect that this ride seems to bestow upon onlookers, especially when turned on at night!

Shots were taken during the Amplifed 2 Car Show at the Fort.

Want to know more about Honda GE Fits? Visit GEgarage.ph and join the forums.


GE 1.5 A/T

Rallye Red

HKS R-suction (Simota installed during this photo shoot)
Noblesse Dual Exhaust
Pivot Throttle Controller

Tein Super Compact Coil Over, Cusco Front Strut, Cusco Rear Sway Bar, Cusco
Front Lower 4point, J’s Racing C-pillar, UR middle Lower, UR Rear Strut

Endless Super Street sport

Rims and Rubber:
Bridgestone Potenza RE050 205/45r17
Noblesse Mags 17×7 et55

Exterior Upgrades:
Front and Rear Bumper, Noblesse Rear Diffuser, OE window visor, HID, OE LED 3rd Brake Light, OE LED tail Lights, Noblesse emblems, J’s Racing Wing Spoiler, Noblesse LED Fog Lights

Interior Upgrade:
OE armrets, OE side sills, Pivot Rev Lamp

OE USB Adaptor

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  3. Rap says:

    sir ask ko lang ano material nung noblesse kits nya? :D ty!

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    san nyo po nabili spoiler nyo ?

  5. Tina safari says:

    This ride is killer,i like its outlay and the color.It must be my next ride come to 2013.Thanks for the information and i love the site.hGorilla Safari