Installs: E36 BMW 316i Turbo by Speedlab

Speedlab isn’t called the “laboratory of speed” for no reason. It’s pretty obvious through their work that the whizzes behind the company have got extracting more speed out of just about any ride down to a science!

In this article, we show you a detailed coverage of how Speedlab installs a T28 Turbocharger into the vastly underpowered E36 BMW 316i to give it that “pin you down to the seat” experience that just about any European ride deserves.

While most people buy BMWs just for the badge, everyone agrees that the 316 is definitely lacking in the power department.

This is a Rear wheel drive platform with plenty of space in the engine bay to work with. Which means we have lot’s of room for power upgrades!

JDM Bimmer! Real deal Volk Racing RE30s made especially for BMW vehicles.

We’ll be adding boost and EGT gauges to the interior.

We start by taking out the old air cleaner.

A T28 turbocharger will be used to provide the boost.

A Unichip Piggyback computer and MAP sensor will be used to monitor boost and control fueling.

Aluminum piping and silicon hose couplers are used.

The turbo itself sits low under the engine, with aluminum piping connecting it to the mass air flow sensor assembly.

Here, most of the piping work is done.

Big advantage of using aluminum over stainless steel is weight savings, cooler temparatures and it can be easily painted in any color.

Here’s the completed turbo system.

The entire kit bolts on to the stock exhaust system.

Since the car already has JDM wheels, a JDM blow off valve seems fitting.

The BMW still uses an old style flapper air flow meter.

You can barely see it, but there is a turbo underneath.

Two pipes snake out from the exhaust side, one from the air flow sensor and one going to the intercooler.

The BMW’s wide bumper provides plenty of space for big front mount intercooler. But once everything is bolted up, even looking straight at the bumper, one will be hard pressed to see the massive front mount intercooler.

Stock BMW 316i’s make a paltry 78whp. This turbo BMW now makes 142whp!

Torque is also vastly improved.

A vast improvement from 78 whp (105 bhp) to 142 whp for Php 200K makes this install all worth it.


Speedlab: The Science of Speed
871 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

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16 Responses to Installs: E36 BMW 316i Turbo by Speedlab

  1. Christiaan says:

    Can anyone please leave a list of all the supplies needed to install this turbo into the BMW 316i. I need to purcase the supplies but I dont know what to buy.

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    The major parts are already listed on the thread of this article bro. The rest are custom-fit pipings and all. Give Speedlab a visit. Where are you located by the way?

  3. I?ve not too long ago started a webpage, the information you produce on this internet site has assisted me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  4. hans says:

    sir! i need help. I’m planning on putting a small turbo on my 98′ 320i m52b20 engine. san po nkuha yung parts nya pang turbo? and yung t28 turbo galing po sa 240sx diba?

  5. hans says:

    and hindi po ba madadamage ang engine kapag nagturbo?

  6. THE aSTIG says:

    The T28 is used on the Nissan Silvia but the one on this BMW is not a surplus turbo from the Silvia. The T28 is a unit designed and built by Garrett Turbos. Try

    You based in Manila? Best to take your Bimmer to Speedlab and have it done there. They have all the parts including a dyno to tune it on.

  7. THE aSTIG says:

    Not necessarily. As you said, you’ll be installing only a small turbo. Stock engines are built with a certain degree of being “overbuilt” so as to remain reliable throughout its lifespan. So these are usually able to withstand minor mods or small boost applications up to a certain extent. That means that if you go too much, reliability will be compromised and the inevitable will happen to your engine.

  8. hans says:

    alright thanks sir. will try to visit speedlab. :)

  9. turboy says:

    200k fora 50-60hp increase? Plus add the cost for beefing up the brakes and suspension say another 100k. I don’t honestly think it’s all worth it. Just get an e30 325i euro ver. Just my 200k cents!

  10. bmwfest says:

    nice build-up. What’s your fuel consumption now with the turbo?

  11. BMW 316TURBO says:

    Hi,i want to buy this turbo kit for my bmw.can anyone tell me how mush it cost in Euro’s with transfer.I Ieave in Greece.

  12. Ruben O. Go says:

    Hi, I want to buy and install a turbo kit to my BMW 316i, 2004 model. I live here in Cagayan de Oro City. how much is the cost? Pls respond. Thanks

  13. Carlos says:

    Hi my friends, can anyone tells me how to connect the harness from piggy back to my ECU harness?
    i can’t find the wires. Please help me.

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  15. Nathan says:

    Is this whp gain with or without chiptuning?
    All stock internals?

    “The entire kit bolts on to the stock exhaust system.”

    So no flexibel piece exhaust?

    Thank you!

  16. Mkl says:

    the torque curve is not that great .. only ~135nm at 2500rpm?