Honda Civic FD K20 Turbo Install by Speedlab

Speedlab installs a Subaru IHI VF43 20G turbo into a Honda Civic FD K20 Engine for a whopping 240WHP at 6000RPM, and a massive 302Nm torque at 5000RPM!

Whoever says Hondas are torqueless pocket rockets will be dumbfounded by this.

Read on to see the installation details…

Speedlab firsts remove the stock airbox, bumper, exhaust manifold, plastic shrouding, battery, ancillary horns, and anything else that may get in the way.

The intercooler is first fitted behind the bumper support, aluminum piping is then fashioned.

A Subaru IHI VF43 20G turbo will provide the neccessary boost.

The ever popular HKS SSQV will relieve boost pressure with a spine-tingling “pssss” that makes true car enthusiasts run to see the source of the Blow-Off Valve sound.

A Unichip piggyback computer will control the fueling, ignition timing and the additonal injector.

Putting it all together.

A K&N cone-type filter is good for up to 400HP.

Here are the mounts for the sensor, blow off valve and additional injector.

Big advantage of aluminum piping is that its lighter, runs cooler and can be painted in any color.

Here’s the turbo installed at the back of the engine. You can’t really see it once the plastic shrouding is put back. A shame really…

Viola! Here’s a view of the finished engine.

Precision Power 1000cc additional injector.

No need to cut the tic tac toe grille for the intercooler.

Defi EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) and Boost gauges – A definite must.

Defi control link.

With all the installations done, it’s time for fine-tuning on the Dyno.

It still sounds quiet with the stock exhaust. But that just means there’s more room for speed!

Tuning the Unichip.

240whp @ 6000rpm! 124 increase over stock with 9-10psi. Note that this car still runs the stock exhaust and engine internals. Though the catalytic converter has been removed as this is now where the turbo downpipe is located.

302Nm torque @ 5000rpm from the stock 180Nm.

Save for the intercooler barely visible through the bumper grille, this car is a total sleeper. It still runs the stock exhaust so it’s nice and quiet. Awesome! And yet, it also means there’s more room for improvement through a full aftermarket exhaust system!

So, are your balls still attached?


Kit inlcudes the following components
– IHI VF43 turbocharger
– Cast iron turbo manifold & outlet
– Stainless/Aluminum steel pipings
– Silicon hose couplers
– K&N high flow filter
– Delta Fin front mount intercooler
– HKS or Greddy BOV (taiwan)
– Oil supply & return lines
– 590cc Injector
– Unichip piggyback engine management
– Labor and installation
– Dyno tuning
– Fits both automatic and manual transmission cars

P175,000 Package Price


Speedlab: The Science of Speed
871 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

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  2. Fahad says:

    magkano lahat ng nagastos sa set-up na to?

  3. mr mohammed al-zadjali says:

    hi dear ,,,,,

    just i need to ask for some information for same type of civic 2010 from sultanate of oman we have high temprutre so but civic in gulf and out side very diffrent and how if i need to fit turbo kit in my car civic 2010 in oman ther,s any shop in gulf or in uae and how much will be price in omani rails for all the things untill finishing
    ur regard
    mohammed al-zadjali from sultante of oman