Circuit Showdown 6th Leg at Batangas Racing Circuit – July 24, 2010 (Action Shots)

Circuit Showdown round 6 goes back to Batangas Racing Circuit. But this time, the crew created a new track layout, which allowed more slicing and dicing amongst the racers on the track.

Read on to see the race photos and other action shots. Enjoy!

On the grid. Tension arises as adrenaline starts pumping through your veins in anticipation of the race. And seeing the fully stripped-down racing cars you’re up against makes the suspense even more exciting.

Go!!! The long straightaway at BRC allows drag launches for those with hard-accelerating engines.

Action shots from the straightaway.

Ayrton Nigel Cuesta (far left) making an overtaking move.

Nigel sticks it behind Rafael La O’s bumper.

I’m digging the rear diffuser on Marc Peter M. Thomann’s ride.

The racers pose on the start/finish line.

If you missed all the action from the first four legs, you can view it right here at
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Stay tuned for our next feature, as we show you the action from Circuit Showdown Leg 7 happening on the 24th of July, at Subic International Raceway.

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