Nigel Gayares’ “The Punisher” Suzuki Vitara by 199 Offroad House

When you hear the name “Suzuki Vitara”, you picture a tiny capable little 4×4 that blends well in city traffic and, well, doesn’t really stand out in the foray of CRV’s and RAV4’s that cruise the metro.

But when you hear the name “199 Offroad House”, you instantly get pictures of crazy monster 4×4’s with massive tires that eat boulders for breakfast.

So what if you take a Suzuki Vitara, and bring it to 199 Offroad House? Well, you get this… a Suzuki Vitara… ON STEROIDS!!!

Read on to see more of this awesome machine.

Take one look at this ride and you’ll find it hard to comprehend how this happened. It’s like David met Goliath and instead of battling it out to the death, they decided to be friends and combine forces for the heck of it. And you know what? It’s awesome!

The Punisher on the front bumper. Very fitting, as this vehicle will surely punish any obstacle it faces. And if all else fails, there’s always that winch to get you out of the gnarliest of extreme situations.

And take note, this isn’t any ordinary lift that was done just for the sake of fitting those massive tires under the fenders. This was engineered to function offroad, where no CRV or RAV4 would dare set foot. The flexy suspension enables it to traverse extreme terrain while keeping all 4 tires firmly planted on the ground. And the external reservoir shocks mean that no matter how rough the obstacles may get, you can be assured that the suspension would never let you down in terms of performance.

Despite the elevated ride height courtesy of the offroad suspension system and large-diameter Super Swamper TSL tires, the Safari Snorkel installed means business. This ride can now traverse rivers and floodwaters that would swallow whole any other ordinary SUV.

And this ride is equipped not just with the gear to get you through the rough stuff, but with the armor to protect the body and the super cool mural of The Punisher from wayward rocks or trees.

This ride won 4th place in the Offroad category of the 2009 Manila Auto Salon. Want to see the other rides from the MAS featured here? Then visit this link –> Manila Auto Salon Rides at

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