Ask the AUTO GUROs: Excessive Heat in the Engine, and Oil in the Radiator?

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Ask the AUTO GUROs: Excessive Engine Heat and Oil in the Radiator? - Nissan Sentra Series 4

A question for the AUTO GUROs came in from one of our loyal readers. And it goes:

“Sir meron pa kaming Nissan Series 4, sobrang init po ng engine nya lately at may konting langis po sa radiator. Ano po kaya ang problema?”
– Hazrat Villafranca via Facebook

“We have a Nissan Sentra Series 4. Lately, there seems to be excessive heat in the engine, and a little oil in the radiator. What seems to be the problem?”

AUTO GURO Ben Alameda provides his Expert Opinion on this…

AUTO GURO Ben Alameda says:
“Sounds like your head gasket is leaking. I am not familiar with this engine but that is the most logical explanation specially after you said its running hot.

Check the thermostat and make sure the fans are coming in maybe its not. And after, pull the valve covers and re-torque the head bolts one by one as per factory sequence. Before you do this take one bolt and reverse-loosen it just a touch to break the rust on the threads and come back and torque to specs. Do this on all of it.

If this helped, it is the head gaskets. It will buy you some time. Do a compression test as well before you re-torque the heads.”

Hope this helps! For any other questions, feel free to ask away on our comments section.

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