Drag Spoon Honda Civic EF Hatch by GotSpeed, Street Kustom, and Alfan Muffler Haus

Honda enthusiasts know that the formula to make a Honda go quicker is light weight, plus high horsepower. When it comes to light weight, nothing comes close to the Honda Civic EF Hatchback. When it comes to high horsepower in a small naturally-aspirated package, it’s hard to match the 100 horsepower per liter capability of the venerable Honda B16A. And by making these two work together, you have yourself an instant rocket-on-wheels.

Such is the case with this particular Honda Civic EF hatch.
Drag Spoon Honda Civic EF Hatch by Speed2Autoworks

Just look at this beauty. Modified to work as a purpose-built drag car, just by looking at it, you already know that it’s capable of travelling at neck-snapping speeds.

Just look at that engine! This is no ordinary show car. It’s definitely got the speed to match the looks.
Drag Spoon Honda Civic EF Hatch by Speed2Autoworks Engine

That sweet interior still has all the creature comforts fitted. But come race time, everything that’s not necessary is to be removed to reduce weight.
Drag Spoon Honda Civic EF Hatch by Speed2Autoworks Interior
Ease yourself into the snug-fitting Bride racing seat, and make sure you strap yourself in with the Takata racing harness. Shift into first gear, and mash the throttle to the floor. The magical concoction under the hood screams out loud with the voices of hundreds of mad horses going like crazy. Suddenly… the world disappears in a blur.


Owner: Ice Tizon
1991 Honda Civic EF Hatchback
Spoon Yellow/Blue Paint by Street Kustom
All the way spoon, Rare Advan Wheels, Advan Neova Slick Tires, B16A Engine, EF Valve Cover
Headworks by GotSpeed, Hi-Tension Wires, Spoon Distributor Cap, Manifold, Street/Drag Throttle Body, Crower valve springs and retainers, camshaft, Toda power camshaft gears, Toda timing belt, block, Arias pistons oversized to 2.0 with Eagle block guard, Spoon headers, 4-1 Stainless and pipings by Alfan Muffler Haus, Lightened Flywheel, 6 puck racing clutch, double D pressure plate, FCC, Spoon LSD, Close gear ratio, Tuning by GotSpeed
Skunk2 Coilovers, Spoon Side Mirrors, Spoon wing, Bride bucket seats, Takata 5-point seatbelts, Spoon Shift Knob, EF9 gauges, Cusco Strut Bars front and rear, Cusco rollcage by Alfan Muffler Haus
Decals by Gound Style Grafix
Detailed by Checkered Flag

Awards: Champion Best 2 Door, Best in JDM, Best Race Car, Best in Graphics, Best Engine Roar.

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  1. I would like to say “wow” what a inspiring post. This is really great. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Haha! I’m glad you like it! Check back with us for regular posts. Thanks!

  3. im selling my honda hatchback ef all stock.150k help!tnx

  4. kid manalo says:

    wla na yan nabangga na yan hehe

  5. ice says:

    sory buhay na yan race car na talaga yan….