The Range Revo – Super Tamaraw FX

The original Toyota Tamaraw FX was named after the Tamaraw – the largest native terrestrial mammal in the Philippines. The vehicle is known for its ruggedness and ease of maintenance. But somehow, the name “Tamaraw” still doesn’t seem to fit the vehicle, as the animal’s preferred habitat is tropical highland forested areas – places where the 2-wheel-drive, low ground clearance Toyota Tamaraw FX could barely reach.

But one crafty Pinoy offroading genius named Paul Javier thought otherwise. He took a stock Toyota Tamaraw FX, stuffed it with all the mechanical wizardry necessary to give justice to the name “Tamaraw”, and viola! The Super Tamaraw FX:
Range Revo

After countless offroad trips and by much praise from the Pinoy offroading community, the Super Tamaraw FX has been given the pet name “Range Revo” due to the Land Rover mechanical components used to turn it into what it is today. It has Range Rover Axles and a Series Land Rover transfer case.

The Super Tamaraw FX in action showing what a real Tamaraw can do:
Muddy Range Revo
The tires are 36-inch tall military non-directional treads, similar to those fitted in army 6×6 trucks. The long wheelbase allows the fitment of a dual transfer case system for a wide selection of low gearing, and a super low crawl ratio. Despite the complexity, this rig is still capable of going 120kph on the highway.

Range Revo Submerged
Raging river crossings? No problem!

Range Revo River Crossing
Did you think underwater riverbeds are always flat? That’s probably true only in the flooded streets of Manila. It doesn’t mean that you have a snorkel, you can go through terrain like this. Because out there with mother nature, things are way more extreme. You have got to have a capable offroad vehicle to go through terrain like this.

Range Revo Articulation
Range Revo showing it’s suspension articulation.


Owner: Paul Javier
Vehicle: Toyota Tamaraw FX
Engine: Toyota 2C Turbo
Land Rover Range Rover Axles
Dual Transfer Case System
9.00 x 16 Tires
6×6 Truck PTO Winch

[Sources: Beeboy Bargas and]

So tell me, do you think Paul Javier’s Range Revo Super Tamaraw FX has given justice to the “Tamaraw” badge? Share your views on the comments below.

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  1. Leo Vismonte says:

    Ang galing nito ito ang tunay na TAMARAW. Ito talaga ang balak ko kung sakaling may budget na ako, and now it proved already that it is practical then one day itutuloy ko talaga ang balak ko.

    God bless you!!!

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Hi Leo,

    Welcome to Hey once you start your project, let us know! We may be able to help you find people who can help you out with your project. Cheers!

  3. It is just exactly as you said.

  4. I truly enjoyed this. It was extremely educational and useful. I will return to check on upcoming posts

  5. metal roof says:

    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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    PS:Have you thought to be putting video to the web site to keep the readers more enjoyed?I think it works.Best regards, Violet Kalima

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  9. Arlie Tabone says:

    Wow dude, this is really helpful information, cheers.

  10. Marg Blick says:

    Cheers lots, I’ve found this very good!

  11. Good info. Reditted!

  12. I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

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  14. Josh says:

    This is a great blog. Im glad I came across onto it. Have a good day mate!

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  16. Man, i never realized it was actually possible to turn our humble ride into a super 4×4 vehicle. Really astonished how you were able to do it. I too own an FX equipped with the same Turbo-Diesel Engine and have body lifted it to the point that it’s now even taller than an Isuzu Crosswind and Toyota Fortuner. Amazing part is i was able to achieve this without changing any of my under the chasis/suspension parts + i’m still wearing the standard 13 inch rims & tires. What more if i change to 16 inches?! I hope I could meet you someday as well as have the chance to ride and experience the power of the Range Revo! Feel free to email me at Looking forward to your reply. ^_^

  17. Maygan106 says:

    That was wonderful i must say. really liked what you have addressed here and yea thats true.

  18. patricio riodique says:

    2 thumbs up po ako sa Super Tamaraw!!
    mga bossing hingi lang po sana ako advice, my tamaraw din po ako kaya lang 2c diesel engine lang ang makina ko gusto ko po sana maconvert sa 2c turbo, pwede po ba yun? at pano din po ba maconvert ng 4 wheel? any reference person po na pwede ko macontact, o pwede ko puntahan sa mga ganitong issue? thanks po..

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  20. Shadow says:

    this is great! is this possible for a 7K engine? thanks!

  21. THE aSTIG says:

    There are a lot of offroading Suzuki Samurais with motorcycle sized engines. So it I’d say it is definitely possible. I’d say its just a matter of what gearing you’ll use. Just don’t expect it to be able to go as fast as before :)

  22. Roeland says:

    Wow, that’s all I can see. I dream that someday my Tamaraw FX will be like this…. cheers to you brother!!!

  23. Matthew says:

    I have been looking for an FX for my ministry and would love to do something like this to it.

  24. Carlo says:

    parang naging kamukha na siya ng land cruiser :D pero astig, hindi ko akalain na may gagawa pala ng ganito sa bansa natin. salut to the owner! :)

  25. Ivan says:

    Sana may update post yung range revo at link sa video nito “in action”

  26. Jury Joy says:

    Super like. hehe

    Mga magkano kaya na gastos nyan? From transmission to everything?