How To: Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit

Honda Civic Flame Kit

Start the new year with a bang and make your own fireworks through your very own car! Have you ever wondered how those cars from The Fast and The Furious make flames com out of their exhaust system? It’s called an Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit.

If the installation is done correctly, the end result will be like this:

Cool huh? If you can get this to work with your econo car, people will start to think what kind of engine tuning you’ve done to it. It will also keep tailgaters from getting too close, afraid that you might blow them up. Lol!

How does it work?

The exhaust flame thrower kit burns the remaining unburnt fuel that your engine disposes through the exhaust pipe. What you do is drill a hole through the exhaust pipe, and then thread a spark plug through the hole. Then you have a wire which runs from the engine bay to a separate coil which powers the spark plug, which then ignites the unburnt fuel and produces the flames coming out of the exhaust pipes.

How far from the exhaust tip should you put the spark plug? Changing the distance between 6 to 18 inches from the exhaust tip changes the flame length, intensity, and color. There’s no particular formula for this as it really depends on what engine you run, how it’s tuned, and the exhaust diameter.

Will it work on my car?

Generally speaking, there is an exhaust flame thrower kit for any gasoline-engined vehicle with a distributor or coil. However, it used to be impossible to get this to work with a fuel injected vehicle.

If you’re mechanically and electrically inclined, then you can purchase the parts and do the installation yourself. Here’s how to DIY a Carb Engine Exhaust Flamethrower System.

But if you run a fuel injected engine, it’s a bit more complicated to DIY the installation, as you will be unable to force the engine to dump excess unburnt fuel onto the exhaust pipes.

But don’t fret, as there’s an Exhaust Flamethrower Kit you can purchase which has all the required gear, including a control module which will produces the unburnt fuel by momentarily interrupting the engine’s ignition system.

Just note that doing this will accelerate engine wear as you’re pumping excessive raw fuel through the engine which washes down the cylinder walls and also contaminates your oil. It will also eventually destroy your catalytic converter. Make sure you do an oil change more often.

I hope this helps. Be safe! And don’t burn any pedestrians.

Like this?

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