This is what you get if you TRDize a Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner: the best-selling SUV in the Philippines as well as in Thailand.

Toyota Racing Development (TRD): Toyota’s in-house tuning shop responsible for improving street cars for more performance, and supporting Toyota’s racing interests around the world.

Now what happens if you take a Toyota Fortuner, and shower it with TRD affection?

This is what happens: A TRDized Toyota Fortuner with a plethora of TRD parts, all bolted together to make one magnificent concoction.
TRD Fortuner Front

Yget an exterior treated with a TRD Front Bumper Kit, which is a rare item all the way from Thailand, a custom made Carbon Fiber Hood, Side Mirrors with LED turn signals also from Thailand.DSC_0760
Additional items are 20-inch super lightweight Volk Racing TE37 Wheels with Volk Racing Tire Valves and wrapped with Toyo Proxes Tires, and other visual accessories such as a Motul Front Visor, Custom Painted Rear Bumper, Volk Racing Emblem, and a trusty Transformer Logo.

The engine is a fully detailed factory 2.5L D4D Turbocharged Common Rail Direct-Injection diesel.

But then the interior is where you’ll be spending most of your time. So it just has to make your ride enjoyable. A 7-inch Touch Screen DVD Player Head Unit has been installed, and feeds its signals through an Infinity Audio sound system. A reverse camera has its signals fed into the monitor to make parking a breeze, even at night. The interior panels have also been custom-painted for more visual appeal, and the seats wrapped in leather seat covers. The whole interior is lighted by LED lights.

Since this is an SUV meant to carry passengers at the back, they are also treated to the same visual entertainment that the front occupants receive via 7-inch TFT Headrest Monitors.

And since no audio system would be complete without a subwoofer, the owner has made use of the load space behind the rear seats to house a JBL Tube Type Subwoofer.


Vehicle: Toyota Fortuner TRD Version
Exterior: TRD Front Bumper Kit (Thailand – Rare); Custom-painted Rear Bumper; Custom-made Carbon Fiber Hood (Rare); Motul Front Visor; Side Mirrors w/ LED turn signals (Thailand); 20-inch Volk Racing TE37 wheels; Toyo Proxes Tires; Volk Racing Tire Valves; Volk Racing Emblem; Transformer Logo
Interior: 7-inch Touch Screen DVD Player; 7-inch TFT Headrest Monitors; Reverse Camera; Infinity Sound Audio Setup; JBL Tube Type Subwoofer; Custom Paint Interior Panels; LED Interior Lights; Fun Leather Seats
Powerplant: 2.5L D4D Turbocharged Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel

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