If Nissan S14 Silvias came like This from the factory, I’m pretty sure you’d want one for yourself.

Hubert's S14 Front Quarter

Ah yes, the Nissan Silvia S14. This is one of the reasons why Nissan is highly favored in the car tuning industry. It’s very easy to fall in love with it. The SR20DET engine is a magnificent wonder, and has been widely embraced by the racing community, with a plethora of aftermarket tuning options available.

Hubert's S14 Front
The body is a marvel in itself, and the curves and overall design is timeless. Plus it’s easy to update it with a body kit of modern design, such as the example you see here by Stage 21.

Hubert's S14 Rear
The GT Wing means business. It’s not just there for show. It’s there to make sure the tires wrapped around the P45 18 inch wheels are planted on the ground when the SR20DET engine screams and pushes for more.

Hubert's S14 Bride Seats
With a car souped up to this extent, it’s not only the the wheels that need to be planted on the ground. The occupants have to be kept in their seats as well. And this will be taken care of by the Bride racing seats.

Hubert's S14 Interior Driver's Side
The inside may seem like much, but every single upgrade has been installed for a reason – to maximize performance out of the car. An aftermarket OMP steering wheel replaces the factory piece, as well as a Nismo shift knob to give you better feel whilst tackling the corners and shifting through the gears.

Hubert's S14 Interior Passenger Side
The uninitiated may not comprehend all those gauges on the passenger side of the dash, which are beyond the conventional instrument cluster found on any regular car. But then again, this is no ordinary car. And to those who know, those 4 Depo Gauges tell you everything that’s going on under the hood: Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, and Boost. And of course to keep the ride entertaining during rush hour traffic, you’ve got to have In Car Entertainment. Hence, the monitor that goes along with the head unit.

Now if all Nissan S14 Silvias came like this from the factory, would you want one for yourself?


Vehicle: Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki
Interior: Bride Seats, Nismo Shift Knob, OMP Steering Wheel, Carbon Fiber Panels
Exterior: Final Connection Body Kit by Stage 21, Anzahl Chrome Yellow Paint, Monster Hood, GT Wing, P45 18-inch Wheels, HID High and Low beams
Suspension: Coil Overs, Tomei Strut Bar
Engine and Performance Mods: SR20DET Engine, Apexi Turbo Timer, Depo Gauges (Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Boost)

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8 Responses to If Nissan S14 Silvias came like This from the factory, I’m pretty sure you’d want one for yourself.

  1. kapal says:

    kapal nmn nang muka ni2 e. sa street sumali sa bumoer2bumper gsto sure win. takot lumaban gusto nya mamugo sa street,

  2. 9000RPM says:

    is this the Silvia owned by Migs Herrera of SpeedyFix?

  3. THE aSTIG says:

    As of the time these pictures were taken, no. Unless he is the new owner now… :)

  4. Sil86 says:

    No this is not the S14 of Migs. Migs’ s14 is local, orig lhd 200sx kouki TURBO

  5. S13Panda says:

    it’s either you’re an idiot or you’re just talking out of your ass or you just don’t have any clue on whatever you’re talking about here. this S14 is owned by Hubert Canarias from quezon city, this car doesn’t have a SR20DET but a natural aspirated SR20DE so in short you’re just playing smart ass here. if you pay attention to whatever you’re writing about you won’t see any intercooler behind the front bumper plus there’s no pipes that would be noticeable coming down from behind the head lamps down to the front bumper that would be connected to the intercooler. and by what you’ve said that it has a boost gauge would be stupid too. NA engine intake manifold only puts out vacuum and so little positive pressure that it won’t be able to kick up the needle to read boost.

  6. THE aSTIG says:

    Thanks for noticing bro! You have quite an eye for things. Took the photos during a car show. The photos are all that we saw of the car. Hasn’t it occurred to you that it could’ve been the owner who sent us the specs list? We respect what the owners tell us about their rides. Talk to the owner bro. You know him anyway.

  7. S13Panda says:

    You don’t need a spec list on whatever i said. it’s just a matter of paying attention on the small details from your picture. if you base it on what the owner told you and you wrote it on your blog then if people like me notice that all you said on the blog was wrong then who looks like the idiot now? do your self a favor and do more research on whatever you guys do.

  8. THE aSTIG says:

    You’re a critic who seems to love saying cuss words at other people, but a critic nonetheless. We appreciate comments and criticisms, so your point (cuss words aside) is well received. If it’s any consolation, this article was posted during the first 3 months since this blog was born, back in the day when this just used to be my hobby and was simply a means for me to practice web design and hone my photography skills. Much has changed since then. Cheers!