How To Create A Super Muscle Car – The Pinoy Way

First of all, for the uninitiated, let’s define what a Super Muscle Car is. If you’re a Discovery Turbo fan, and you watch “Wrecks to Riches“, then you know who Barry White is. As the person who coined together the term “Super Muscle Car“, it’s best to get his definition of what it’s all about:

What Exactly is a Super Muscle Car?
A “SMC” is any muscle car that has been taken past the standards of restoration to take advantage of today’s technological advancements in performance, speed, suspension, and braking. All while keeping it’s original factory flare and appearance with upgrades to the paint, interior, and wheels.

Basically, this means getting an old classic car, restoring it, and then installing the biggest, baddest, modern engine and state-of-the-art performance parts you can find.

But then, Barry White is an American. And the typical Muscle Cars are also American. Cars that they turn into Super Muscle Cars usually go with the names Chevelle, Camaro, GTO, Roadrunner, Dart, or Mustang. Come on, these cars aren’t widely available here in the Philippines! But being Pinoys, we always put our ingenuity into practice. We make do with what we have, and make the best out of it.

So what’s the Pinoy Way of creating a Super Muscle Car? Basically the same formula Barry White uses, only this time, it’s taken to a whole new proportion.
Corolla KE10 Side 4AG

Take this case for example. This is a classic, fully restored and decked out with old school wheels and a full leather interior, 1967 Toyota Corolla KE10. It’s the smallest and lightest Corolla you can find. In stock form, it’s engine is rather puny for today’s standards. But it has been upgraded with the best modern Corolla engine fitted for a rear wheel drive chassis – the venerable 4AG.
Corolla KE10 Engine 4AG
Imagine the power-to-weight ratio. Just by looking at the size of the engine compared to the car’s engine bay, you already know it’s capable of biblical acceleration. And with the massive amount of tuning options available to the 4AG engine, you could easily have yourself a car that can put just about any other tuner car that pulls up next to you to shame.
Corolla KE10 Front 4AG
Do you agree that a Modern High Horsepower Corolla Engine in a Small Old School Corolla Body equals a Super Muscle Car? Share your thoughts.

What have you done to add more Muscle to your ride?


1967 Corolla KE10
Shop: Asian Coatings Inc./JB True Color
Owner: Allen Altoveros

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  2. cheers very much, I have to say your site is excellent!

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