Black is PHAT, Green is for Fortune: Black Toyota Fortuner customized by PHAT Audio

Black Fortuner PHAT Audio

Green is the symbol for fortune. Put them on 20 inch wheels, and yer’ rollin’! So what better vehicle to install them into than the Toyota Fortuner? Now if that Fortuner came in black, then is PHAT! Where am I getting at? Well check out this Black Toyota Fortuner rollin’ on green 20 inchers, with a snazzy audio system installed by PHAT Audio. Just how PHAT can this Fortuner get? Let me give you an idea…

Black Fortuner PHAT Audio Door
Open the front door, and you’ll find a plethora of speakers all looking to gang up on you to give you what you’re looking for.

Black Fortuner Tweeter
A massive tweeter with the pod angled for better imagining means you not only have a loud system due to the number of speakers, you also have good sound quality to go with it.

Black Fortuner Subs
Look behind you, and you have yourself two massive subwoofers staring at you in the face. The two square voids you see at the bottom are exhaust ports, as the subwoofer box is designed as a ported ensclosure. It looks like eyes and a mouth telling you to “crank it up!”.

Black Fortuner Interior
There isn’t much to fuzz about on the dash. Why? Coz it just has to be clean. The whole install across this vehicle is so tidy, it looks as if it came with the PHAT Audio system straight from the factory!

Black Fortuner Amps
Open the back and you’ll see what I mean by clean and tidy. Black amplifiers color matched with the Fortuner’s paint, and the rack itself has been color-matched with material same as the interior. It’s so radical, yet at the same time elegantly displays the source of all the power that this behemoth has been bestowed with.

Black Fortuner Outside Open
Everything in close proximity will vibrate once you crank the system up. This Fortuner is definitely PHAT!


Owner: Meynard Ko
Head Unit: Eclipse MKII7200
Speakers: 2 sets, Ciare CT267 Tweeters; 4 sets, Caire CM200 Mids; Fiberglass Speaker Enclosures on Door Panels
Subwoofers: 2 FI BTL Series Subwoofers
Amplifiers: 5 Sundown Audio Amplifiers = 2 – SAZ-3000D, 3 – SAX-100.4
Others: 3 XS Power Batteries = 1-D3400, 2-D3100; Stinger Wires and Terminals; BRAX Volt Meter
Interior: Stock Interior and Seats
Eibach Lowering Springs; 20″ Rota Grid Off Road Wheels, Paint: Takata Green
Props from Meynard: “By the way, my system was installed by Alvin Cu of PHAT AUDIO.. Thanks to them haha sponsored by my parents.”


PHAT Audio
306 San Vicente St., Binondo, Manila

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