A Suzuki Vitara that has More than what Meets the Eye

The first line I was supposed to write in this article is “Does anyone know who owns this?”. But I was extremely lucky that it changed. This is because when I first saw this cool Suzuki Vitara, I was awe-stricken. So I took this first snapshot:
Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara

And then thought posting it on my blog to ask around who owned it so I can do a formal feature.

The first time I saw this Vitara, I only caught a glimpse of its backside. What drew my attention was its stance as compared to the Pajero beside it. It was obviously lifted, and exposed the familiar tread pattern of Mudstar Radial Mud Terrain Tires which is the same type I run on my Land Rover. Apart from that, call me crazy but I’m sure a lot of you auto enthusiasts can relate with me when I say I can sense there’s something else lurking underneath the skin of this vehicle, because the “Aura” is different… I can sense it has more energy compared to that of a normal Vitara. Plus of course the visible lockable hubs replacing the auto hubs found in Vitaras of standard trim.

But then I put the thought aside and decided to leave it as I might look suspicious taking pictures of it with a non-discreet SLR camera, and just went back to going about my business on why I was really in that location. “Daym! I can’t help it! It’s calling my attention!”, I say to myself, despite the fact that I was more than a hundred yards away, and the Vitara wasn’t in plain sight. I could imagine this Vitara ripping through the trails, slinging mud, and traversing unpassable terrain. I wanted to see what’s underneath it to find out what it’s capable of!

Answering it’s call, I came back for a closer inspection. True enough, upon checking under the front suspension, I found a coil-sprung solid axle in place of the original independent front suspension
Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Front Solid Axle
which I immediatly took a snapshot of, half hoping the owner would spot me checking his ride out.

While checking my shot, a little boy crept up beside me and was peeping over my shoulder checking out my shot. So I got a hint and asked if the Vitara was his dad’s car; to which he replied: “No, it’s our car.” So I stood up and looked behind me to find his dad, and the owner of the vehicle, Mr. Vitoy Mallari. What luck, the owner! I would no longer have to go through the trouble of asking and starting this article as “Does anyone know who owns this?”.

I promptly introduced myself and asked if it would be okay to feature his snazzy Vitara on these very pages. He agreed! And with that, here are more detailed shots (with his 2 children as models), as well as the spec sheet below.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Rear Axle
The wider stance is courtesy of Toyota Mini Cruiser Solid Axles.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Driver's Side
A Safari Snorkel is visible from this side, adding deep water wading to its already impressive offroad capabilities. Also seen here is a locking front hub. Tires are 31×10.5 r15 Nankang Mudstar Radial MTs on alloy wheels.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Rear Suspension
A closeup view of the Rear Suspension.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara Front Suspension
The custom front suspension was redesigned to suit the solid front axle.

Vitoy's Suzuki Vitara and Kids
Vitoy’s kids. Parting words from Vitoy: “This is actually my son’s ride. Coz he likes it!” Wow what a dad!


1997 Suzuki Vitara JLX
Toyota Solid Axle Conversion
Custom Suspension
31×10.5 r15 Nankang Mudstar Radial Mud Terrains
Safari Snorkel

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8 Responses to A Suzuki Vitara that has More than what Meets the Eye

  1. Obet says:

    Vitoy is my eldest brother… I’m the youngest of 6 boys. I drive a Pajero and didn’t think this ride can match mine. But then this blog… His pimped out Vitara turned out to be the better choice for auto enthusiasts… and a headturner… WOW, Yakov (the little boy)you have the awesomest ride dude!!!

  2. carcas says:

    l’m no expert, but judging by the looks of, it doesn’t seem to be Mini Cruiser differentials. You see, the front differential of a Mini Cruiser is open knuckled, this one is not. l’m guessing this one’s a standard Toyota Hilux differentials front & rear.

    From what l’ve learned, Toyota Mini Cruiser has Dana 30 diffs. Dana series diffs are known for its 3 piece axle housing and open knuckled front diffs.



  3. custompinoyrides says:

    Hi Obet,

    Welcome to CustomPinoyRides.com!
    Is your Pajero customized? Why don’t we have a look?

  4. custompinoyrides says:

    Hi Carcas!

    Good find! And don’t you drive a monster Hilux yourself? Hehehe.

  5. carcas says:

    Nah, just an old and beaten hilux, not a monster hilux.

  6. Humble! Hahaha! :)
    But me likey your Hilux.

  7. Twistedchild says:

    just ran into this… Those are really not Axles off a mini cruiser. The Toyota mini cruiser (built by Delta Motors)definitely have DANA 44s on the rear with DANA 30s up front … however the mini cruiser axles will not have DANA markings anywhere but they were definitely provided by Dana Spicer of Canada way back when Delta Motors got the military contract to build mini cruisers for our government.

  8. Vadj says:

    I love the sight of mini trucks like this.
    Does anyone know if a 3 door pajero can be replaced with a solid front axle?