Toyota Starlet for Sale / Trade

While browsing the net, I came across this Toyota Starlet for Sale or Trade for a Toyota Lite Ace or Nissan Vanette. (Note: The link and pictures may not last long as this is only a temporary ad.)

Here’s what the seller had to say about it:

for swap for lite ace and nissan vannet
dream cars for old schoolers!!!!!!!!!!!
1980 toyota starlet
key less
brandnew battery
new tires 13x175x50
new mags 13
xenon bulb= 5500
new paint strip to metal walang kalawang
uk logo top paint
new power steering = 14000
bumper 1976 mercedes benz = 12500
new steering wheels = 1300
new shift nob = 400
new upholstery 17500 = include mattings, leather seat cover, dash board, cealing, sidings
pioneer cd
4 speaker
super lamig aircon
top condition
sasakyan nalang
almost 230k to make this car and 11months to finish this project car

And when some interested parties tried to offer to trade with something other than a van, this was the seller’s response:

sory van gusto ko eh, buy mo nalang ng 100k ok to tnx

Here are the pictures:

Based on the comments and the pictures, do you think that this is a Good Buy (thumbs up), or Good Bye (thumbs down)? And fire away with your comments. Oh and by the way, I am not connected to the seller. So don’t throw your flak at me. Hahaha!

Good Buy or Good Bye?

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5 Responses to Toyota Starlet for Sale / Trade

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  2. Rocky Toner says:

    Ensures that it is not in fact my practice to send feedback, but I believed I would say that this was excellent.

  3. sure buyer ako says:

    100k? para d2? ok lng po.

    san po location nyo?

    pki text nlng [po details d2 09053343512

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  5. rioneal john says:

    trade sa 1989 lite ace ko japan original 5k makina tgnan mo nalang para wala kang doubt pacheck mo pa sa latero..all stock nkdownpipe nga lng..add k n lng ng cash..if ur interested contact me 09177318640..