DIY Auto Detailing Part 3: Windshields and Windows

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This is our third installment about DIY Auto Detailing. If you haven’t been able to follow this series, our first topic was about Engine Detailing. Our second was about Detailing the Body. This third installment is all about cleaning the glass windows. This is the part where you’ll really want to get rid of the fingerprints, acid rain, water spots, bird droppings, and other substances.

Materials Needed for Detailing the Windows:

  • 100% Cotton Terry Cloth or Micro-Fiber Towels
  • Ammonia-free Glass Cleaner

Detailing the Windows:

This procedure doesn’t really require complicated steps. Just remember these:

  • Use a horizontal motion to clean the outside
  • Use a vertical motion to clean the inside

These are essential in reducing window streaks. The ammonia-free cleaner will ensure that your window tint, if you have any, will not be damaged. Work your way even through the corners as these are the areas which would have the most streaks. You can also use a quick detailer on the window trimming.

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