The PROPER use of the JDM Tilting Plate Holder

S2000 Tilting Plate Holder

Did you ever wonder what the controversial “tilting plate number holder” seen on a lot of modified Japanese cars in Manila is actually for?

Did you ever think that the slight tiling angle helps the aerodynamics of the car?

Did you think it just looked cool? Or people were just following a trend in the Japanese Tuning scene and everyone else had to follow suit?

If you’ve had all those questions ringing in your head, well here’s the answer:


Tilting License Plate
How? As you gather speed, air pushes the license plate backward. The swivel point allows it to tuck under the bumper or within the air dam. Speed cameras which take pictures of overspeeding cars won’t be able to capture the details on the number plate. Hence, they cannot charge you with overspeeding.

Below are a few more examples of CORRECT and PROPER installations of the JDM Tilting Plate Holder:

Toyota MR2 Tilting License Plate
Japanese Custom Toyota MR2

Veilside RX7 Tilting Plate Holder
Even the Veilside RX7 used in the Tokyo Drift movie sports the Tilting Plate Holder.

Note that it is installed incorrectly and against its purpose if it cannot swivel upwards and tuck either under the bumper or inside the air dam. Usually, the movement is restricted by the stock air dam blocked by the plastic grille. Forcing the issue by installing it despite the restriction is so NOT COOL.

Also, using this with the glass or plastic plate number covers will just make it so heavy that it cannot tilt backwards. It is again against its purpose. NOT COOL.

Just be wary of some of the MMDA-folk who may try to charge you with a certain violation.

Hope this helps all the Pinoy Tuners out there!


Local versions of the Tilting JDM Plate Holders are available at your local tuning store, while originals are available from Cusco and Mugen.

Did this help?

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14 Responses to The PROPER use of the JDM Tilting Plate Holder

  1. This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Thanks Yadira! I appreciate the comment. Let me know what else you want to read about and I’ll try to post it here.

  3. GoldSalebol says:

    That tips are great, thank you ..
    I love your blog…
    thank you again carry on…

  4. headaches says:

    Thank you very much.

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  8. jdmnerd says:

    cusco does not make a tilting plate holder. please get your facts straight. they only have a plate relocator which is used when there is no space for the plate anymore. that is why some plates are mounted on the side.

    mugen does not have tilting plate holders.

    CARMATE is one of the popular brands that make them.

  9. THE aSTIG says:

    Thanks for the info jdmnerd! If what you say is true, then what I’ve seen are pure knock-offs of tilting plate holders! LOL!!!

    People are probably branding them as such to sell them as “Real Deal JDM Stuff”.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  10. Chelsea says:

    Actually sir just to add. OEM plate num. holders of cars like GT-Rs are also slightly tilted not because of the speeding camera purpose… But because of its huge intercooler that wants cooling. ;)

  11. THE aSTIG says:

    Yeah I agree. That’s also the reason why the drift cars you see pictured here have their tilting plate holders fixed in the tilted position already, as they need to feed air into their massive intercoolers and relatively low speeds (compared to the number of rotations their tires are making on that given speed hehehe) while going sideways.

  12. ks says:

    i just got one of these .. while it does tilt backwards when speeding, it doesnt return back neatly to vertical position after slowing down , which of course, can be tricky if the reason of slow down is a police roadblock in front

    any tips? ..

  13. THE aSTIG says:

    hi ks – oil? loosen it up a little? there are many versions of it, some of which can even lock in the horizontal position if you tighten the nut/bolt.

  14. JM Kyut says:

    thanks for the info, it really helps a lot to know more..