Captured on Video: Pinoy Drift King Ian King drifts a BMW M5 through the Caliraya Mountain Pass

Shot, directed and edited by Struan Wallace
Driver – Ian King
Venue – Caliraya Mountain Philippines
Note: Roads were cleared before every shot.

As with all motorheads, Ian King loves tuning cars. Having been modifying cars since he was 16, and driving since he was 14, he has become one of the most famous drifters in Philippine motorsports today.

You will usually see him in our local drifting competitions in an all carbon fiber body kit Nissan S14, or an RB26DETT powered Nissan R33 GTR Ute (which started life as an A31 Cefiro with the rear chopped into a pickup ute by DMF, and the front clip changed to that of a Nissan R33 GTR).

This video of the M5 has been shot at in the Caliraya Mountain Public Road in an effort to experience the Touge drifting known in Japan, made famous to the world by the Inital D series. Touge is a Japanese word literally meaning “pass.” It refers to a mountain pass or any of the narrow, winding roads that can be found in and around the mountains of Japan? and other geographically similar areas.

Of course due to the location, safety had been the primary consideration before the shoot. Spotters were strategically located in key positions to give advance warning of other motorists or potential hazards.

Ian came from the rest house wearing slippers, when suddenly his friend with the HD camera said that they should try drifting in the mountain. Having always wanted to do a Touge drift, Ian grabbed the opportunity, and off they went to Caliraya Mountain Pass. During the whole drifting sequence, Ian had been on his bare feet! To think that this had been sort of a “spur of the moment” video, the results are awesome!

The only drifting technique used by Ian in the entire video sequence was the clutch kick. The handbrake was not used the entire time.

A substantial list of modifications had been done to allow this car to drift as graceful as you can see on the video. And apart from the specifications list below, Ian’s mechanic had also done some tuning to tighten the rear differential.

E39 BMW M5 owned by Ian King


Ian King’s E39 BMW M5
2000 Model

Black Kidney grilles
ATOY Custom Chin Spoiler
ABS plastic eyelids
AC Schnitzer rear visor
Custom Brake Ducts
White angel eyes
4000k yellow fog lights

Custom painted interior trim
No wood
Removed Phone and Antennae
UUC Short Shift Kit with DSSR

PSS9 Bilstien Coilover Suspension
Eibach Front and Rear Sway Bars
Dinan Front and Rear Strut Bars
Power Flex bushings
Rouge Transmission mounts
TC Rear Swaybar Mounts

Meisterschaft GT Exhaust with Xpipe
Supersprint Headers
K&N Air Filter
Custom Fuel Mapping

Stoptech Option 2 Big Brake Kit
Stainless brake lines

Wheels and Tires:
19 inch Staggered Breyton wheels
255/40/19 front INVO Nitto tires
285/30/19 Rear INVO Nitto tires

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31 Responses to Captured on Video: Pinoy Drift King Ian King drifts a BMW M5 through the Caliraya Mountain Pass

  1. JUST_JT says:

    Isn’t this illegal?

  2. lansangel says:

    smooth yung uphill pero hirap siya sa downhill. ibang-iba kasi ang magdrift sa pubilic road kumpara sa isang controlled area eh.

  3. RAMILMO says:

    wow !!!

    excellent video’ editing awesome .. i guess the ending part is for emmy !!!

    who captured the video again ???

  4. hypermileph says:

    The video was shot, directed, and edited by Struan Wallace.

  5. EQAddict says:

    Awesome !!!!!

  6. azzkikr says:

    Clutch kick lang astig.

  7. vito corleone says:


  8. 2424 says:

    REAL MEN try daring acts like on the video

    i Salute the drifter for doing it on public roads its awesome

  9. BadShot25 says:

    Looks fun. What tires?

  10. amilopro says:

    REAL MEN knows how to act accordingly.

    You can get civilians and notably, yourself killed if you keep on doing such “daring acts”. It’s no different from a kid watching Fast and the Furious and telling his mom he wants to try it.

  11. tsk.. says:

    Ian King should be put in jail.

  12. froshie1 says:

    Makulong sana yang Ian King na yan unless sinarado ang roads para sa kanyang exhibition.

  13. custompinoyrides says:

    And why is that might I ask? Did he do something wrong to you?

  14. 2424 says:

    well this cant be done on bare roads alone, somehow he has a support group which monitors traffic. their might me guys down and around the area monitoring the with radio, and gives him signal if he is ready to go drift, as well as his cameraman to capture the drift.

  15. Yitzchak says:

    For those that actually have no idea, this was done through a controlled environment.

    The road was closed for him with an entire crew to take the video.

    Simply, there was a permit to have this done, and probably in case there was an accident, it would only be him and any of his crew.

  16. stinger says:

    why put him in jail..? as the writer said: “Of course due to the location, safety had been the primary consideration before the shoot. Spotters were strategically located in key positions to give advance warning of other motorists or potential hazards.”

  17. custompinoyrides says:

    Exactly! Are the others just watching the video and judging from there without even reading the text? It’s pretty obvious through the video that this has been choreographed and directed. Otherwise, it could’ve just been an onboard camera.

  18. Meganun says:

    Video worth watching! Very nice!

  19. custompinoyrides says:

    Hehehe. Yes that’s true.

  20. para sa mga tanga says:

    Note: Roads were cleared before every shot. – mga bobo magbasa nga kayo.

    Ibig sabihin pag clear ay may permiso sa paggamit ng kalsada para sa exhibition na gagawin niya. Mga bopols talaga.

  21. blister says:

    to the one who said that Ian should be jailed…

    bobo. inggit ka lang. squatter.

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  29. Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

  30. Ian King's Student says:

    Clearly, the blog stated that there were spotters, you don’t need spotters to warn you of oncoming traffic if it was indeed closed to the public. Its not the same.

    Its a slightly safer way to hoon on public roads, but still punishable by law. Unless there WAS a permit, which the author could have clearly stated in the article.

  31. Dwight says:

    I wish there was a Fujiwara Takumi here in the Philippines, delivering things through a certain mountain pass,
    or maybe I’m just too addicted to initial d