Toyota Yaris with a Plush Leather Interior by Leather Plus

Toyota Yaris by Leather Plus Outside

If you see a car looking this cool and on the outside…

Toyota Yaris by Leather Plus Engine
This neat in the engine bay…

Toyota Yaris by Leather Plus Rear
With a sound system this clean…

Toyota Yaris by Leather Plus Subwoofer
And this loud…

You’d have to wonder: What’s it like on the inside?

You can all have different answers to this. Well I’m gonna show you an example of how it SHOULD be like.

Toyota Yaris by Leather Plus Front Seats
Nothing spells more luxury in a car than Plush Leather Seats. This one of the biggest things that make luxury cars luxurious. And that’s the reason why every Rolls Royce or Bentley out there comes with a Plush Leather Interior.

Toyota Yaris by Leather Plus Dashboard
That, and wood trim on the dash. It just makes your car feel fit for a king! And queen of course, as you will have her seated on the adjacent throne. As you spend most of your seated inside the car driving, rather than outside the car admiring or waxing, you have got to make it look and feel good on the inside as well.

Toyota Yaris by Leather Plus Rear Door
The doors have to have leather too! It is what completes the reason and being for this modification.

Toyota Yaris by Leather Plus Back Seat
Of course you shouldn’t forget the rear seat, as this is where all the action happens… A lot of action happens when you have kids at the back. So make sure they’re feeling comfortable throughout the trip. It also saves them from the usual asthma attack.

So does a Plush Leather Interior complete the car? Indeed! It’s what makes the car – THE car.


Leather and Wood Trim by Leather Plus
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5 Responses to Toyota Yaris with a Plush Leather Interior by Leather Plus

  1. I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  2. THE aSTIG says:

    Thanks! I will try to update as often as I can.

  3. haha,The Burden of your blog is very fit to me, I hope more interflow with you this Topic.

  4. Nice stuff. I’m going to recommend your site to a few friends of mine, signed up for your feed already.

  5. Aaron says:

    now that is some hardcore customization. The look is very nice
    The interior is very nice
    the car is very nice for small families with very cool and relxing ride experience.
    The car gives an immence MPG of 29 to 36 which is very good for these days when fuels are rising like anything.
    The price tag is also not much as compared to the features. Priced just at $13000 is very reasonable.