Toyota Fortuner customized by Kid Audio

Toyota Fortuner customized by Kid Audio

If there’s one thing that’s unique about this Fortuner, it’s that you will HEAR it before you SEE it.

Toyota Fortuner by Kid Audio Side
Even though it’s got all the custom graphics to give you an idea of what’s in store for you inside…

Toyota Fortuner by Kid Audio Body Kit
Plus a body kit that could probably help reduce road noise while on the go…

Toyota Fortuner by Kid Audio Subwoofer Wall
It’s the sound waves that this behemoth produces which would command attention. Once you see it roll beside you with the windows down, you’ll see the means by which this Fortuner commands attention – a WALL of SUBWOOFERS behind the driver! Kicker Solobarics to be more precise, as given away by the graphics emblazoned on the outside of the vehicle.

Toyota Fortuner by Kid Audio Driver's Door
As it stops to park, and the driver gets out, you’ll get to see the inside of the vehicle, and you’ll be amazed to see that this Fortuner is not only an Sound Pressure Level Bangin’ beast, but a Sound Quality producing machine as well! You’ll notice the door mounted midrange speakers and tweeters angled to give optimum imagining to produce the best sound quality. You will truly be treated to a concert on wheels! It should also be worth noting the LCD monitor on the dash.

Toyota Fortuner by Kid Audio Rear Door
As you now know that the subwoofers occupy the space from the back of the driver’s seat onwards, you’ll start to wonder what the rear doors are for? Well open them up, and you’ll be treated to a visual spectacle to compliment the music. Take a look at the large LCD monitor, plus additional speakers. This is indeed a party on wheels!

Toyota Fortuner by Kid Audio Rear
If you wanna know where all the power is coming from, open the back and you’ll find a trick amplifier rack with custom cut plexiglass brought to life by awesome blue lighting. It also has more speakers and monitors above to provide you with music that will arouse all your senses.


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