Honda Civic SiR customized by Kid Audio

Have you ever heard the saying: “I drive a Honda Civic SiR. It’s unique! Just like everybody else’s.”?

The difficult thing about these cars is that a lot of people have it, that you have to really do something to set it apart from the rest.

It’s not just the passion (for) orange…

Kid Audio Honda Civic SiR Front View

Well here’s another Honda Civic SiR, in Passion Orange – probably the most sought-after color when this model was released in the Philippines. The only apparent exterior modifications that have been done are aftermarket chrome wheels, low profile tires, and lowered suspension. Great! Coz almost everyone else has tricked out their SiR the same way. So what has Kid Audio done to set it apart from the rest? You’d have to look inside in order to find out…

Kid Audio Honda Civic SiR driver's side door
Open the door, and you’re greeted by a 5-speaker array of DLS mid-range speakers and tweeters mounted on custom-fabricated door inserts with built-in speaker baffles, along with a trick LCD monitor. The mere sight of the combination sends tingles of excitement down your spine, as you prepare to enter the realm of an all-out mobile entertainment system on wheels.

Kid Audio Honda Civic SiR Subwoofer Wall
Soon as you stoop down to prepare to mount yourself on one of the Bride Racing seats, your heart skips a beat as you behold the sight of 6 massive earth-shaking DLS Subwoofers mounted on a custom transparent subwoofer wall with trick blue lighting.

Kid Audio Honda Civic SiR Passenger's side door
The passenger’s side door features the same audio-video combination as the driver’s side. The speakers are angled to provide the best imagining and sound quality to give you a sound stage right on top of your dashboard. You have not only a dB drag monster, you’ll also be treated to a concert-on-wheels!

Kid Audio Honda Civic SiR Rear Door
I’m sure by now you’d start wondering what the rear doors are for, as the sub enclosure occupies the entire rear area, from the back of the front seats, onwards. Well opening the rear doors reveal large flat-screen TVs on either side, providing an extra drool-inducing effect on the crowd.

Kid Audio Honda Civic SiR Trunk
And opening the trunk reaveals where all the insane wizardry comes from. Aside from the clearly visible set of speakers and capacitors staring you in the face, the amplifier enclosure features the custom-cut DLS logo on plexiglass, providing eye-candy with blue lighting, and contrasting red lights coming from the digital displays allowing you to monitor the conditions to ensure continuous enjoyment and entertainment.

So if you’re looking to set your Honda Civic SiR apart from the crowd, this is definitely a way to do just that!


DLS subwoofer Nobelium series
DLS iridium 3way front separates
DLS mono amplifier classic series
DLS 4 channel amplifier classic series
Kicker 9band equalizer
Kicker 3way cross over
Stinger capacitor with led display
Pioneer indash monitor with ipod cable, touch screen LCD


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