Chevrolet Tahoe customized by Kid Audio

When you hear the words “Chevrolet Tahoe”, you start to think it’s something big, bad, and nasty. Man’s “mine’s bigger than yours” thinking comes into play here, because big SUVs spell masculinity.

But by owning a vehicle, say for example the Chevy Tahoe, there’s always that KID in each of us that makes us want to do something to make it our own.

Chevrolet Tahoe by Kid Audio Top

Well here’s a Tahoe, which has been customized by Kid Audio, to bring out the Kid in us. This ride was showcased in the Auto Summit 2009 at Festival Mall, Alabang last 15-23 August.

Chevrolet Tahoe by Kid Audio Front Door
The front door features an array of 3-way separates (low, mid, and tweeters) angled to provide optimum imagining and awesome sound quality to make this a concert on wheels. Crankin’ up the music will make you hear the sounds coming from the top of the dashboard. Sweet!

Chevrolet Tahoe by Kid Audio Rear Door
The rear door also features an array of 2-way separate speakers, not leaving the party only to the people in front. If you’ve got a big SUV, all your passengers have got to enjoy the beat! And this custom system does just that.

Chevrolet Tahoe by Kid Audio Rear
Opening the rear will showcase the trick amplifier rack with a large monitor and speakers to give onlookers a share of the action. Note the red lighting on the amp rack to match the paint of the Tahoe. At the back of this is a subwoofer wall which is located behind the rear passenger seat. Be easy on the volume control, as this system is capable of “blowing your brains out”!

Chevrolet Tahoe by Kid Audio Bling
Lastly, there’s nothing like custom graphics, blingin’ and rollin’ on dubs to complete the package.

So do you think this’ll make the man feel like a kid again? Hell yeah!


By Kid Audio
Head Unit: Pioneer DVH-5950
Amplifiers: 3 DLS CAD-11 Amplifiers; 2 DLS X-Program amlifiers
Speakers: DLS Iridium 8.3i 3-way; 2 DLS r6a separates
Subwoofers: 6 DLS Nobelium 12? subwoofers
Others: Stinger 220 ampere alternator; Stinger Wiring and Capacitor; Hifonics crossover; 19? LCD monitor

By Normanworks
Paint: Kustom Kandy Apple Red By House of Kolor
Rims: 26? Santino wheels
Custom Interiors


Kid Audio
Landline: +63 49 4113282
Mobile: +63917 8445099 or +63917 5274488
Address: Unit 10-13 Rhineland Bldg., Nat’l. Hi-way San Antonio, Biñan, Laguna

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17 Responses to Chevrolet Tahoe customized by Kid Audio

  1. Raphael Bernardo says:

    thank u for posting my ride,syang d nio na nakuhanan nagpalit kc aq ng 26″ rims nung wed ng auto summit,nwei im happy na feature auto q dito,thanks again sa custom pinoy rides…^_^

  2. custompinoyrides says:

    Hey Raphael! Welcome to CustomPinoyRides! Nagpalit ka pala ng rims? Sayang we were there kasi nung Day 1 lang ng event.

    By the way, perhaps you could send in a spec sheet of what’s on your ride? Details of the head unit, amps, speakers, etc. I’ll just add it up to the article :)

  3. Raphael Bernardo says:

    By Kid Audio
    Head Unit:Pioneer DVH-5950
    Amplifiers:3 DLS CAD-11 Amplifiers
    2 DLS X-Program amlifiers
    Speakers:DLS Iridium 8.3i 3-way
    2 DLS r6a separates
    Subwoofers:6 DLS Nobelium 12″ subwoofer
    Stinger 220 ampere alternator
    Stinger Wiring and Capacitor
    Hifonics crossover
    19″ LCD monitor

    By Normanworks
    Paint:Kustom Kandy Apple Red By House of Kolor
    Rims:26″ Santino wheels
    Custom Interiors

  4. custompinoyrides says:

    Thanks! Details updated. :)

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  16. Aaron says:

    its easy to find the specs of some cars on the internet but was is difficult to find is the actual and authentic review of the car. Now from few months i have been trying to buy Tahoe but i am not satisfied with the reviews all around and i m in a trivial now whether i should go for it or not. Price is good but is the specs worth it?