Big Red Toyota FJ40 Competition Race Rig


This is one big red monster. Owned by Atty. J. Justiniano, a 4×4 enthusiast and offroad racer, this bad beast used to be his competition race rig. Now, it is a shining example of how an extreme offroad racer should be like. (Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t retired from racing. Another offroad race rig is already being conjured up as of this writing.)

Toyota 2F Engine
Up front resides a 6-cylinder Toyota 2F Engine. This packs more than enough torque and horsepower to carry you through the most extreme obstacles experienced in offroad competitions. The engine breathes through a K&N Filter located inside the cabin, under the dash, to keep the mud and dust away. Exhaust escapes through custom piping.

JFJ's FJ Dash
Here’s a view of the cockpit. See the K&N Filter mounted under the dash.

JFJ's FJ Transfer Case Skidplate
The Engine is mated to the stock Toyota transfercase, which is protected from protruding obstructions by a skidplate.

JFJ's FJ Front
The front axle housing is stock, but regeared to 4.88, and stuffed with a Detroit Truetrack Limited-Slip differential. The stock Birfields have been replaced with aftermarket Longfield units to prevent breakage. The suspension uses a reverse shackle setup, with SkyJacker 4 inch lift springs, kept in a very stable spring-under-axle configuration. Front shocks are fully ajustable Rancho RS9000 units. Steering the big wheels is made easy by a Saginaw power steering box, and is made stable by a Rancho steering stabilizer. The front bumper has a provision for a winch, which is essential in extreme offroad conditions.

JFJ's FJ Front Under
Here’s another view of the front underbelly.

JFJ's FJ Rear Side
The rear suspension is also courtesy of SkyJacker, with 4 inch lift springs, and custom fabricated shackles. Rear shocks are also Rancho RS9000 adjustable units, same as the front. The stock rear axle has also been regeared to 4.88, and to ensure that none of the engine grunt is wasted on wheelspin, the pumpkin has been stuffed with a Lockright locker.

JFJ's FJ Rear Under
Here’s another view of the rear underbelly. Note the custom rocksliders.

JFJ's FJ Back End
Another view of the rear end. Note the custom shock mounts.

JFJ's FJ Simex Tires
This is what keeps this rig in contact with terra firma – 35 x 10.5 Simex Extreme Trekkers mounted on 15 x 10 inch rims. These tires are known for their insane grip on all types of offroad terrain, and are especially efficient in mud. Thick side biters and sidewalls also make them puncture resistant to sharp, protruding rocks. These tires are a must-have for serious offroad racers. But as with any purpose-built device, there is a trade-off: Don’t keep running them on the street as they wear off pretty quickly.

JFJ's FJ Rear Top
The occupants are protected from getting injured in case of a rollover by a 6-point rollcage and racing harness. For offroad competitions, these are as essential as your underwear.

So if you’re interested in building an offroad race rig, this is one of the best rolemodels that your future project can look up to.


Make/Model: Toyota FJ40
Owner: Atty. J. Justiniano
Engine: 6-cylinder, Toyota 2F, K&N Intake under the dash
Transmission: Stock Toyota
Transfer Case: Stock Toyota
Front End: Stock Axles, Detroit Truetrack Limited-Slip, Longfield Joints
Rear End: Stock Axles, LockRight Locker
Suspension: SkyJacker 4 inch lift springs all around with Rancho RS9000 adjustable shocks, custom reverse shackle setup up front, custom shackles for the rear suspension
Ring and Pinion: Regeared to 4.88
Tires and Wheels: 35 x 10.5 Simex Extreme Trekkers, 15 x 10 inch rims


Custom fabrication and all installations done by Toto
Address: #3 Jenny Ext., Pasig City
Contact Details: 09187695070

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