MFest Philippines RISE AND PREVAIL (unofficial edit)

Video via MFestForumDotcom

Straight from the recently concluded Mfest Philippines event held last April 12 at Clark International Speedway, here’s the awesome video coverage from MFestForumDotcom. In case you missed it, well, you’ll have to settle for the video, which captures the spirit of the event as it should be. But of course, nothing beats being there and experiencing it yourself! Because at MFest, you’re not just a spectator, you’re a participant!

Watch the video below now! And watch out for the next MFest Philippines coming up in November this year…

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Slammed and Stanced Brothers: Toyota bB1 and bB2

Photos by Philip Aragones and THE aSTIG

Slammed and Stanced Brothers Toyota bB1 and bB2 Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Manila Philippines Philip Aragones THE aSTIG pic1
If you’re into the stance movement, which one suits your fancy? The 1st or 2nd Generation Toyota bB?

Read on to see the rest of the gallery…

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Mean Green S-Fourteen (Nissan S14 Silvia)

Photos by Philip Aragones and THE aSTIG

Mean Green Nissan S14 Silvia Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Philippines Philip Aragones THE aSTIG pic1
It’s not everyday that you see a Nissan S14 Silvia prowling the streets, let alone see one as sweet as this. Man, this car is just oozing with menacing awesomeness. I love the way this car sits – with a stance that looks aggressive but functional that I’m pretty sure you can still take this car through its paces with minimal to no fender rub. That widened rear end definitely adding exponential points to the package. See that security guard in the background biting his lip? That’s probably how a lot of people would react to seeing this.

Read on to see the more…

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Night Street Photography… With CARS!

Photos by Philip Aragones

Night Street Photography... With CARS Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Philippines Philip Aragones pic1
Ok, before I begin, let me just start with saying that I’ll be using a lot of photography language in this article. So I guess this is something that’ll be appreciated by camera geeks like ourselves, as well as those who are aspiring to be great photographers someday. That being said, on with the show…

Traditional natural light night street photography is probably one of the most fun and challenging photography assignments to do. It usually involves shooting with a something like a 35 or 50mm prime lens with a large aperture to allow more light in while maintaining faster shutter speeds enough to keep the camera hand-held, while sometimes just accepting the fact that grain from high ISO is inevitable, thusforcing you to get creative with it.

In night street car photography in a crowded area, such principles barely apply, as it’s a completely different ballgame altogether. You have to consider the fact that you can’t use such a large aperture as you have to get the entire car in focus. It’s also hard to get away with a 50mm prime lens unless of course you have the liberty to shoot from afar to get the entire car as well as the background and foreground into the frame. You might get away with a 35mm on a full-frame camera, but for a crop sensor, you might need something with a shorter focal length. You also can’t crank up the ISO too much as you’d still like to maintain some detail. So you’re down to using either one of, or a mix of the following – tripod, cranked-up exposure, and/or getting creative with flash.

Well, Custom Pinoy Rides photographer Philip Aragones just so happened to be an expert. Check out the rest of the gallery below, as shot in the recent Bumper 2 Bumper car show held at Quirino Grandstand. Enjoy!

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Custom Pinoy Rides Events >> MFest Philippines 2014

MFest Philippines 2014 Custom Pinoy Rides
If you’re a fan of the international car scene, then you must know what MFest is all about. If not, then what have you been looking at all these years? You’re missing half of your life!

MFest is one of the largest and most awaited automotive events in America and has already expanded to the United Kingdom and Belgium. What started as a BMW “M” event has not evolved into a “Motorsports Festival” featuring all the different brands, makes, and models. Why is it such a hit? Because MFest has become a proving ground of sorts. People who think they have the best looking car and the best and most powerful setup get to battle it out in a car show, drag race, circuit race, time attack, etc., where you can only be called the best if you prove your worth. How’s that for starters?

Not only that, how about getting from your location to the event in style? Caravans, or “fun runs” as they call it in the Philippines is very much at the heart of MFest, where cars gather at set waypoints and travel to the event, gathering more and more cars in the convoy pick-up points. MFest currently holds the Guinness record for this. All that and so much more.

Why is it coming to the Philippines? Because believe it or not, the MFest founder is Pinoy, and 75% of the MFest core group are actually Pinoys. So they wanna bring it back to the motherland! How awesome is that?

So what can you expect at MFest Philippines? Mile long runs, Multipoint caravans a.k.a. Fun Runs, Drift, Drag, Time Attack, Circuit Racing, Static Carshow, Miss MFest Philippines, Racing Clinics, Formula D Driver Demos, Celebrity Racing, $1000+ Raffle Prizes, International Media Exposure, International Race Instructors and Director, and You, being the superstar. Give us a reason why you want to miss out, gearhead?

We’re inviting all car enthusiasts and car clubs to join in on not just the fun, but all the action too! So, shall we see you at Clark International Speedway on April 12-13? If you’re down with it, hit us up in the comments!

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Function makes Form on this Subaru Impreza STi

Mike Lanting Subaru Impreza STi Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Manila Philippines pic1
While we have learned to appreciate just about all the different schools of car customization and tuning, those which blend both form and function have a special place in our hearts. More so to those wherein their form was developed due to their function, with spectacular results.

Such is the case with Mike Lanting’s Subaru Impreza STi. Just one look at it and you know it means business. Featuring wide wheels and meaty tires making fender flares a must, dropped with a functional stance in mind, it just looks amazing. More so with the addition of carbon aero components like the lip and skirts, hood…

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#custompinoyrides Selections #1

#custompinoyrides Selections pic1

Apart from our Facebook page which is very much alive and kicking, our Instagram feed has been growing as well. And lately, reader submissions have been getting more and more awesome. So here are some of favorites from the past few days. Check it out!
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Checking Out Cebu’s Ideal Carwash – Ideal Autospa

Photos from Ideal Autospa

Checking Out Cebus Ideal Carwash - Ideal Autospa Custom Pinoy Rides pic1
We recently heard about this hot car wash and enthusiast’s hang-out lounge in Cebu, and decided to check it out. Man, were we glad we did. We were definitely grinning from ear-to-ear. This is one of the few places in the country where real car enthusiasts can take their beloved prized vehicles for some real deal pampering.

Places like this have an interesting ambiance to it, which makes you feel good just being there. What it was, I really couldn’t put my finger on. In my quest to find out what it was, I got to interview one of the owners.

Read on to find out more about the history behind Ideal Autospa, what makes them different, and some insights about car detailing…

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Custom Pinoy Rides – 2014 Car Mavens Auto Show (Video)

Video by Errol Panganiban

Custom Pinoy Rides – 2014 Car Mavens Auto Show (Video) Errol Panganiban Car Videography
Didn’t we tell you that this year’s Car Mavens Auto Show would be totally awesome!? Check out out video coverage below now! Enjoy!

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Let’s not forget the EVO that started it all: Lancer EVO I

Photos by Philip Aragones and THE aSTIG

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO I Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography Manila Philippines pic1
Sometimes it makes me wonder why people go like “I want an EVO VI” or “I want an EVO IX” and so on and so forth. How about giving some love to the EVO that started it all – the Mistubishi Lancer Evolution I.

Featuring Mitsubishi’s legendary turbocharged 4G63 engine tuned from the factory to produce 247PS and 309Nm of torque, mated to the All-Wheel-Drive system from the Galant VR-4, all stuffed into the lightweight Lancer “itlog” chassis, this was the car that changed the game in automotive history, and was the beginning of one of the fiercest motorsports rivalries ever known to man with it’s competitor – the Subaru Impreza. If you wouldn’t consider that special, then I don’t know what will.

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