Ford EcoSport on Steroids!?

What happens when you inject steroids into a Ford EcoSport urban mini SUV? This! So what if it’s on the same platform as the Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2? For long out of town drives to destinations you’ve never been to before, I’d have more confidence driving this pumped-up EcoSport, especially when you’ll be venturing through roads you’ve never driven on before. You never know how big the pothole is on the next corner.

Even in the traffic-stricken city, I’m sure this has enough ground clearance to go over some sidewalks that only bigger SUVs can park on, or even go over center isles if the situation calls for it.

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Nothin but R34 Skyline Goodness. For Paul. Amen.

Awesome tribute to Paul Walker with this nicely done R34 Skyline. Brian Spilner’s favorite ride.

Check out the rest of the gallery below…

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How to Reduce Windshield Glare from your Epass Device (Project Olaf)

Have you ever wanted to stick your Epass Device on a location other than behind the rear-view mirror? Could be for a number of reasons such as owner preference for security/stealth look/stock appearance, or perhaps due to the fact that Polaroid tint blocks the Epass sensor – so those with tint strips on the top part of the windshield would have to either mount the Epass lower, or on a different location. Unfortunately to those who have their windshields with full Polaroid tint, you would really have to roll your window down wave your Epass device towards the sensor when it won’t read from behind the windshield.

Anyway, I’m not really quite sure why the only color that the Epass device comes in is white. Not only does it stand out on your windshield (or windscreen, as the Brits would have it) like a fish out of water, if it’s in the driver’s line of sight, it draws so much attention due to the glare that it’s almost dangerous.

So here’s an easy fix to solve all of your Epass woes…

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CPR Project Car: “Project Olaf” Teaser

We have a new project that we’re working on. Can you guess what vehicle this is?

We understand that owning multiple vehicles for different purposes isn’t for everyone. Even if you have the resources to own a race car, an off-roader, a bike, a comfortable and/or economical daily driver, a luxury car, a supercar, a separate family car or people hauler, and anything in between, sometimes it isn’t just feasible. Otherwise, everyone would be like Jay Leno.

So what we’ll be putting together in this project is a practical vehicle package that can tackle the vast majority of tasks and recreational activities that most Filipino car owners would need and perhaps want from a vehicle, and then some. To give you a hint of what’s to come, instead of building another project car for a specific task or purpose, we’re going a different route by building this to make it capable of performing majority of the demanding tasks most vehicle owners ask of their cars, but have our project car capable enough such that it can do all of that one after the other, and do all of that exceptionally well.

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Not your usual X-Trail

It’s not a common sight to see a modified Nissan X-Trail, let alone a stanced one. So seeing one rolling down the street looking clean in black and green definitely grabs attention. Would you agree?

Check out the rest of the gallery below…

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The Greatest Multicab in the World?

The Multicab, as Pinoys would call it, is a small light truck, or as the Japanese creators would have it – Kei truck. Originally made to be the workhorse of the smallest of vehicle classes in Japan, it has evolved to many different versions with various purposes.

Some people have affectionately called the 4×4 Kei Truck versions as “MiniMogs,” as they are somewhat miniature versions of the Mercedes Unimog Truck. So if there are those who modify the Unimog to further improve its off road go-anywhere prowess, then why not do the same to the “MiniMog?”

Well, as you can see, that’s exactly what the guys at 199 Off Road House have done. Read on to find out more…

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Now That’s One Way to Make a Mirage Look Good!

How do you set yourself apart from the many Mitsubishi Mirages that you see rolling around the streets? This is definitely one way. Would you agree?

Yes, you’re not hallucinating. This Mirage looks good. It’s really not how much customizations and aftermarket goodies you put; it’s how you make everything work together harmoniously. Sometimes, simple mods make a big difference.

Read on for more…

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Custom Pinoy Rides Events: The 2015 Trans Sport Show

The 2015 Trans Sport Show is coming up on May 15-17, which will be held at the World Trade Center. We’re sure to see some of the most awesome rides in the country gathering under one roof. This will definitely be a must-see. See you all there!

For more details, checkmout the full press release below…

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Custom Pinoy Rides Video – Car Mavens 3

Custom Pinoy Rides Video - Car Mavens 3
Video clips from the recently concluded Car Mavens 3. Enjoy!

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All-Terrain Allterra

All-terrain Alterra Isuzu Custom Pinoy Rides Car Photography 4x4 Offroad Manila Philippines pic1
In the sea of Monteros and Fortuners that you see left and right nowadays, the Isuzu Alterra, and even the newer MU-X, is almost as if it’s a left-field choice. But after seeing this Alterra right here, that looks to be capable of tackling all types of terrain (hence me calling it an All-Terrain Alterra, despite it being fitted with Mud Terrain Tires), then it makes owning this a pleasure, because you have something that not everyone has.

Not only does it look like an absolute stunner with it’s murdered-out all black looks, but it’s also modified with all the absolute essentials needed to enhance it’s off-road prowes, like a snorkel, proper suspension lift to fit those Cooper Discoverer Mud Terrain Tires, 199 Off-Road House Armor all around, IPF driving lights, and of course, a Winch to get you out of the toughest situations.

Check out the rest of the gallery below…

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